Georgia X

Georgia X
John Marine
There is a sporty vibe to this skirt. While this isn't textbook athleisure, that skirt provides the sporty feel. Chic cropped top and pumps. Hyped!
Kylie Jenner
Smart looks!
John Marine
I love the dress and the pumps here. Not entirely elegant, but very chic. Hyped surely on this one.
Eniwhere Fashion
Basic and sexy at same time
John Marine
I like the top a whole lot. It has a casual feel while not being overly casual. Nice hair, too. I Hyped you here.
John Marine
I wouldn't go with sneakers here, but they don't ruin this pants outfit too much. Still Hyped.
Jim Legg
You are just rockin' this outfit, Georgia!:))
John Marine
Looking great with the T-shirt and the white skinny jeans. Pretty cool sneakers also. I Hyped you here.
Jim Legg
Great outfit for you, Georgia!:))
John Marine
Lovely dress and pumps here. Well styled.
Sammi Jackson
I love your jacket !! <3
Harry Hartford
apart from the flawlessness of this look, you carry it with so much attitude, that it adds to the chic aspect of it. you took a suit and subtly made it look girly with those FABULOUS heels hun and bralette! great touch with the necklace and matching lips too :D
Harry Hartford
i looooove this dress!!!! the detail on it is lovely as well as the color scheme of eveything is very toned down which is great! looks great on you!!!!
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