Yona L

Yona L
Trzy Hoo
You look brilliant !
Outfit Reviewer
This is a very versatile outfit. I like it very much. Dressy without the coat, yet with the coat closed (as in one of your blog photographs), the coat appears to be a dress in itself, so now you have a more casual outfit if you need one, and in between with the coat open. Those boots are a wonderful accent all three ways. Leaving your legs bare (rather than wearing nylons) is a big part of why this look is so versatile, as this works equally well all ways. This is a great look.
Edyta Bujnicka
wow wow super
Olivia Pullman
Do you draw all of these??? You are literally so talented
Perfect as alwaaaaaaaaays !!
Outfit Reviewer
Even though this is a fairly casual outfit. you are dressed to kill! I love, for one, that you chose the lighter color for the shirt to blend with the coat, yet just different enough to provide just enough contrast to notice both individually. Great color combination. The denim skirt is about the perfect bottom for this look; the denim goes so well with the casual jacket, while the skirt transitions it into the top and the boots, which *can* be a little dressy. You have done some exceptional styling with this look.
Sascha Laing
I love those boots! Hyped :)
Younes Bouadi
the whole look is just offf
Wu Mone
Love your art hun
Gary Kiu Wai Ng
THIS is special...and cool..Love it~
Awesome shirt!!!!
PastelKawaii Barbie
you pose like a pro!!
Joyce Ignacio
great styling! <3
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