Jim Legg
Smashing good look, Kim:!!))
Outfit Reviewer
I love the styling you have done with this look. First off, the neutral colors in the boots, blazer, an skirt all highlight the colorful top. Then, I like the transition in the activity level of the pieces; the high activity of the top, to the lower level activity design in the blazer, to the even lower level activity design in the skirt, to the no design of the boots. It really looks good that way. Then, the boots, I had to go to your blog to get the link to the boots, as some of the detail is not evident from the angle either here or in the blog, and I think the chunkier heel is right for this look, versus a thin stiletto. You also have styled these boots superbly, and they look awesome in this outfit. Your look here is amazing.
Shawn Gardinier
My dear, You always look stunning! You have amazing style! <3
Outfit Reviewer
Anix took my description. Stunning is the word. You truly are dressed to kill. Black footwear is often used as a neutral, and it works, but it works especially well on you, as yo have the black hair to pair it with. Then, the clutch as an accessory has colors to match both the black and your skin. You have done fabulously with this look.
Stavros S.
I love the color of the dress!
John Marine
Chic dress and booties here. Fabulous smile and hairstyle as well. Surely Hyped you on this one!
Hanna Painter
pretty style
John Marine
I love this dress and the handbag. I needed to see the shoes in better detail to see what they were. Turns out these are a very cute pair of bow booties. While I love the booties, I am a bit indifferent on their color. I still like everything, though! So Hyped!
Shawn Gardinier
DANG! You're killin' it!!! That outfit is an A++!!!
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