Stella Knigge

Stella Knigge
Stella Knigge
cheers :D it says 'its a beautiful day'
Stella Knigge
best shirt ever
Stella Knigge
haha, yeah everyone has said that! ive never been so cold in my life! its insane!
Stella Knigge
badass! although ive learnt that you dont really need sunnies in england since ive been here haha
Stella Knigge
cheers :)
its freezing hey, no matter what i wear, im still cold. i was wearing so many layers that day but still freezing. the worst part is that its really hot in shops and pubs, so you need to take off all your layers
Stella Knigge
im loving it
and yeah it is! first time ive ever seen snow also!!!!
Stella Knigge
hey, whats it like in Sweeden? im planning on visiting there soonish :)
any good shops or night clubs i should visit
Stella Knigge
v necks suit you perfectley
Stella Knigge
yeah i moved here about 2 weeks ago. its pretty awesome. no more adelaide!
Stella Knigge
im not actually there yet, i movce there tomorrow.
whats the nightlife like, anygood?
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