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Valery Dolgova

によって Valery D., 20 歳 Photographer and bloger から Russian Federation

Valery Dolgova

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Your style is amazing and you re gorgeous!!
Ksenia Rain
So nice!
Andrea Najdovski
You are stunning.
Tram N.
You are so gorgeous. I had to fan you! ♥
Fay Fan
I love your choice of accessories. Fan me for more lovely accessories
nice style, You're beautiful :)
Joyce Raciles
Aahh, you're gorgeous! <3
Karine Trudel
You are absolutely stunning and have amazing looks! I love them all
Toma Art
Лер! Ты прекрасный fashion blogger, и прекрасный искренний человечек!)) продолжай в том же духе!)
Я начинающий фэшн блоггер на ютубе и очень хотела бы с тобой познакомится и пообщаться) если ты читаешь это, отзовииись)) напиши мне)))
Rosa Pel
I love your style!
Monika Klimczewska
In love with your looks!<3 fanned!
Amit K
In love with your style ! You are so stunning ! Can't wait to see more of yours ! Fanned
Chiara Cacciani
You're so beautiful and you have the perfect look. Then i will follow you :)
Felix Fenix
You are a ray of light and beautiful color!
Leslie Novion
You're such a beauty! I'm always impressed by your kind of style. Can't wait to see your next look ♥ *Already a fan. <333
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