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Chloe A

Chloe A

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Ashley M
i love your hair! how do you get it so red? I really want mine bright red but everytime I dye it nothing happens :( I love your looks by the way x
Taylor-Bea Gordon
waw, i want your hair! thanks for the hype xoxo
Candy Thorne
Gorgeous looks and hair, you lovely thing. But I would think that, wouldn't I? ;)
Ana Clara Ramos
Fanned, Beautiful looks!
Danielle Lacet
Thank you, pretty
Chloe A
burning like fire init
Danielle Lacet
Hey girl with red hair too!
Maya O.
thanks so much for the hype, Chloe! :)
Maya O.
finally I found someone here who has the same hair color...haha ;D I think I´ve only seen like one or two other users who has the same one ;P
Juliana Clara
I love your looks and your hair *-* faned
Liliana Victoria
Amanda Scalise
I'm a fan, love the looks! and hair <3
Badia Cupcake
Welcome to Lookbook! I love your style! I'm new here too :)

Basically, the more you participate the easier it is for people to find you. The more hypes you get the more visible you are all over the site. There are some great posts in the forum about how Lookbook works and I found them very helpful.
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