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Zo Dsjgyfjakhsg

by Zo D., 19 year old bejeweled sky from somewhere you think you've been before, but you can't be sure, United Kingdom

Zo Dsjgyfjakhsg

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Demi Falkmann

Demi F. @demif

wow vettie. je kunt het nog behoorlijk goed!!! waar heb je gewoont dan???

Demi Falkmann

Demi F. @demif

ben jij nederlands? (;

Natalie .

Natalie .. @andthewhale_

i adore your looks! and this is going to sound amazingly random but i saw a girl who looked the spitting image of you today in cribbs causeway, she was gorgeous & as are you. x

Jessica Wu

Jessica W. @jjjessica

thanks for being a fan! <3 :)
love all your looks :)

Rosalind J

Rosalind J.

Yeah,I really want to go there sometime.. I'llhave to organise a trip with my friend who lives in bristol (:
Really/? Ah, thats strange/cool. I always like finding peple with the same interests..
Okay, that sounds like a reallygood idea. It'll be really interesting to see
I'lltry to put somepics up soon. x

Rosalind J

Rosalind J.

I added you to my blog list :P
Aaah, I love Bristol. Never been to bath though.
Hmm.. That is strange! Haaha. And I totally understand about using complicated words to confuse others, I do this too!

Rosalind J

Rosalind J.

Thanks! I just got really inspired by other peoples blogs, and thought I'd start my own. I'm quite surprised by the amount of responses!
And whats your blog called?
Ah, I'm from the West Midlands area of the island (: Yourself?

Rosalind J

Rosalind J.

Haa.. I know exactly what you mean! My hair is exactly the same.. (:
And thanks!

Benny Acar

Benny A.

hey!Im a new fan of you! such amazing pictures u have.talent :)

Sophie K.

Sophie K. @sophie_sophie

your shoes are amazing !

Cielo  Hawn

Cielo H.

beautiful photos!!
love it ♥
Kisses to you

Emma Coull

Emma C. @emmacoull

lovelovelovelove alll your looks. seriously.

Piana Dark

Piana D. @deepheez

I'm in love with your vintage pieces!
Where do you purchase then?

Oscar Robertson

Oscar R. @oscarjamesrobertson

thank you so much 4 putting it on 4 me!
love it
thanks again!!!!

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