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Camila Cover
My name is Camila. I’m a journalist from a Brazilian international fashion magazine named Catarina. Every issue we do some pages for REAL LOOK.
You can see more here
Would you like to be on the magazine?
If yes, please let me know and send me a e-mail on this address:
Thank you
Aubrey Gonzalo Graham
you stile is cute.
Daphne G
you're welcome!
Kate G
aw lucky, so they are wonderous all round :D
Kimberley Z.
your welkom
Sandra Salomonsson
thank you. i wish i could be that too.
Girl on Fire. <3
sounds great thats what youre studying for? no i dance but not ballerina.but i always wanted to try it.
Girl on Fire. <3
yeah same i live south east l.a..professional ballerina dancer?
Girl on Fire. <3
hey there im cicel what part of california are you from?
Renu R.
thanks! :)
Zoë Harvey
mmm I see, yeah I would think it would get better because of all the law suits. but did you know they opened up another factory in downtown? its a cute building in the toy district.

anyways. happy thanksgiving, are you excited to gain five pounds today? hahaha
Zoë Harvey
really? my boyfriends old roomate she would tell me creepy stories, like she was a model for them in early 07, and he would tell her that he loved her and would give her and all of his "girls" cell phones for only him to call. and he would call like late at night just for them to come over and watch a movie with him. dunno, my boyfriend is really protective and him working at the company before he knows alot of corruption that goes on. I would still love to do it, we will just see. do you work at the corporate office?
Zoë Harvey
really? I think I have seen you, You look a little familiar..

is their any problems with dov for you?(thats the main concern)
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