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Look by Agnija Grigule

Bujas (Beeeee)

Bujas (Beeeee)

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Christina M.
Very, very cool. :)
Aimi Baharin
FAN!! ;)
Sophia B.
thank you:)
you don't have to talk german, but thanks, i know what you mean :)
Edy Koeswito
Gabriela Araujo
wow nice pics :)
i will post new looks soon=) is your camera back to you?:)
Ria Ironcutter
hey hunny
no chance
i cant open msn or icq atm -.-''
Jess Molina
"Birds sing, we swing
Clouds drift by
And everything is like a dream
It's everything I wished"

I'm listening to it yet again. Can't get enough! I haven't heard the one you told me about, but I'll listen to it tomorrow. I have to sleep now. LOL. And yes, it sucks that they're underrated. The only song most people know is "Friday, I'm in love" (although that song isn't so bad) :)
Jess Molina
"Here with you it's perfect. It's all I ever wanted."

Best line ever! Haha. The Cure is such an iconic band, don't you think?:)
oh:( if you were here I could be your photographer friend:)
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