June gloom might be here but that doesn’t mean we need to completely say goodbye to our burgeoning summer wardrobes. Steffy Kuncman of Steffy's Pros and Cons shows us how to roll with the punches with her 70’s inspired earth tone, flower-power pieces, infused with her signature beach-hip style.

Denim, plaid, stripes, leggings and vintage dresses and jumpers are enough to tote Steffy and her bodacious beau Matty on a multitude of spring excursions — from climbing over rock jetties and enjoying everything that makes Portland amazing and weird, to exploring the bridges and lakes of Sagamore Hill and camping amongst the blooming woods of Upstate New York. Footwear choices are relative simple, whether it’s leather ankle boots for those cloudy, drizzly days or a trusty pair of Vans or Keds for sunnier ones.

But, regardless of the surprises that entail when it comes to this season’s somewhat frustrating back-and-forth weather, there’s little that compares to the ultimate surprise for Steffy and Matty this month. Read on to explore the Northern U.S. with this whimsical and outdoorsy couple, and see what beautiful life milestones await them in the near future!

When spring rolls around, I always grab stripes, Keds and red lipstick. I am so excited to get outside more and take walks on the beach with Matty.
I seriously consider Keds my go-to, because they're not only cute enough to walk around in, but to get active in as well.
I picked up this pair — the Keds champion canvas — at Zappos. They have free shipping and a year-long return policy so you can order a ton of colors to test them out, which is incredible.
I can't wait to rock these all spring, and because I'm a crazed fan I have them in red, breeze salt blue, cat print, glitter and polka dot!
After years of dreaming about visiting Portland, Oregon, I finally had a chance to tag along with Matt on one of his work trips.

I’ve always imagined it to be the only place besides New York I could see myself living and fitting in at. I do admit I was a bit surprised by how rainy it was. There were so may incredible things to do (this city is amazingly walkable), we eventually just stopped caring about how damp and frizzy it was.
The first thing we did was grab some Voodoo Doughnuts. We each got a cereal covered donut, and then split a 3rd (maybe not the best idea).
I was pretty impressed — until we tried Blue Star Donuts, recommended by a bartender from Cascade Brewery.
They are so fresh. The icing is a little lighter, but with a lot more flavor.
We went vintage shopping at House of Vintage and it was hands-down the most vintage I've ever seen in one place. They had so much of everything. It wasn’t as cheap as those in Miami, but definitely more affordable than Brooklyn.

I walked away with two maxi dresses for the summer.
Then we walked to Music Millennium records. I finally picked up my favorite Sufjan Stevens album, and Matt walked away with two iron and wine albums.
We went to as many spots as we could, including all of your suggestions on places to go (thank you for that)! These were just a few of our favorites.
So excited to call today my "Friday." It's Matt's birthday BBQ tomorrow, so we're spending the day together in Brooklyn.
He's going to get my weenie tattoo so we match, and then we're going to grab lunch at Katz deli.
We pretty much never spend weekdays just exploring Brooklyn and NYC, so it will be a blast.
Teddy Roosevelt loved Sagamore Hill and spent most of his life there. Since he is one of Matt's favorite presidents, we toured his home a few weeks back and fell in love. I also caved into his request for me to get some Vans, which I’ve found to not only be adorable, but so comfortable!
The property surrounding his home is beautiful. We saw it covered in snow, and were lucky enough to see it in bloom. There's a mile hiking trail which leads into this beautiful river, which makes for a lovely day-trip.
Also, it's dog friendly!
The weather has been unreal, and it feels good to not have to bring a heavy coat.
Long Island has beautiful hikes and parks, as long as you look out for them.
When I lived in Miami, I used to drip sweat while walking to work, telling myself I’d never miss the sunshine, nor the heat.
Although I wouldn’t trade New York for anything, boy do I wish it was just 80 degrees already.
It's been switching back and forth between cold and windy and rainy for what seems like forever, and I'm ready to be outside adventuring already!
Happily, Matt and I were able to take advantage of one of the few sunny days to go for a hike, before trying Shake Shack for the first time.
Spring came and went, or never really fully arrived. I was bummed at first because I just got these amazing sandals from Frye that I've been dying to wear with a maxi dress, but instead, ended up taking these Frye Jackie Zip Short boots from HauteLook out for a spin.
Turns out, they're just as wonderful! I usually lean toward boots with skinnier ankles, but for some reason these work perfectly with tights and skinny jeans — and I'm such a fan of the beautiful color.
They're perfect for an afternoon stroll along the beach pierside, paired with a mustard cardigan — cloudy days or not.
Traveling upstate to Beacon, New Paltz, Cold Spring, and all the cute little surrounding towns, is one of our favorite things to do nearly every season.
The vibe was so different from the last time we went in the fall. The blooms are unreal, and we finally upgraded to a 6-person tent for more room, which we named the "tent-mahal" because it's so big and luxurious. We camped, hiked and ate plenty of tacos and s’mores. You can’t go wrong with a weekend in upstate New York!
This has been one of the hardest secrets to keep — and I am an awful secret keeper — but we are finally read to share. We made a human and Baby Degreff is due in October!

We are so excited to grow our clan. What I didn’t realize before becoming pregnant is just how scary and worrisome the first trimester is. There's so much waiting involved, so many big landmark weeks or doctors visits and so much of it is just trusting that your body is going to work right, which is really hard to do. I am a lover of being in control, so this past few months was not easy. I counted down the days to every doctors visit, and spent way too many hours reading mommy forums. I had no idea how much I would care about a blastocyst of cells growing inside of me from the get-go, but it is true. Those instincts kicked in so quickly for me, and I just wanted to protect and keep my baby safe from the very start, as I'm sure every mom does.

I am so excited to bring you along on this journey that is truly surreal for me. It's pretty awesome to think some of you witnessed our engagement, wedding and now our first baby on this blog. Hopefully, I'll have a little bump to dress soon.