The concept of branding, however essential to your success as a creative professional, can oftentimes be an elusive entity to even the most knowledgeable of content producers. Developing key character traits and habits that contribute to sustaining the practice of creative expression — and producing the proper amount of exposure — can be just as important as maintaining authenticity when it comes to personal style and artistry.

From finding your niche and building the right kind of followers to the practical skills needed to get your content out to the right kinds of people, our Lookbook bloggers share how they’ve been able to successfully maintain that balance of authenticity and marketing — aka branding!

1. Maintain Consistency.

“When marketing yourself as a brand, you need to keep your website and social channels consistent, figure out who you are and what you're about — and stick to it.” — Sophie Hannah Richardson

“Starting blog is like starting small business. Having clear plan and idea of what you can bring out is important.” — Viktoriya Sener

“Keep a content calendar so you can plan the way your content flows in the blog and social media. Always stay true to your style and aesthetic while creating content.” — Jyotsna

“It’s not hard if you know who you are and if you’re not willing to compromise your style for anything. Followers will come naturally as long as you are consistent with the quality of your content. Find a niche, something that you want to be known for, and stick to it. It might take some time (as all things do), but it will catch on eventually! Things aren’t always easy, but it will all pay off with patience and hard work.” — Tricia Gosingtian

2. Inspire and engage others to share content.

“If you want to build your following, remember to tag who and what your wearing. It's all about brands sharing your images that will help it grow.” — Sophie Hannah Richardson

“Be active on social channels.” — Adriana M.

“Social media matters. You can reach new audiences with it, but your content should be excellent. Lookbook is about community — and killer photos — so content is always king.” — Viktoriya Sener

“Engage with the community, thanking, liking and commenting back — whether it’s on Lookbook or social media.” — Jyotsna

3. Use key words.

“Title your pictures with key words and learn about good SEO practices so you can use them in your posts.” — Adriana M.

4. Be selective about your endorsements.

“Don't work with a brand just because they're offering payment. Make sure you truly like the brand as it can look forced if it comes across as a sponsorship.” — Sophie Hannah Richardson

5. Take calculated risks.

“Always try to be better than yourself yesterday, and don’t pay much attention to seasonal trends.” — Viktoriya Sener

Bonus Tip — Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

“Be yourself and have fun with everything you do!” — Adriana M.