The idea sparked since we wanted to share our lifestyle and inspire others to make the best out of the everyday, rather than waiting for those hallmark moments to happen.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and how you got to where you are now.

Amra: It all started a few years ago while working on some projects for the World Bank in Washington D.C. I was exchanging some beauty tips for making a DIY face mask out of kitchen ingredients with friends over a meal, and realized it would be useful to share beyond the dinner table. Not getting any sleep that night, I went ahead and decided to design my own DIY blog, working to make it look tidy and presentable, and ended up writing my very first blog post. Three months later, after investing heavily into our content, we grew to 150,000 unique views on the page. Although I initially didn’t have the intention of turning this into a business, I understood that the market was sending us signals when different brands began to approach us. I’m an economist by background but because of this blog, I also currently serve as a brand ambassador, editor, and a digital and social consultant to some of the world’s leading lifestyle brands.

Elma: I was in the midst of completing my LLM at Georgetown Law when my sister approached me with the idea of writing blog posts and sharing my travel savvy. Up until then, I had always dabbled with travel and fashion photography. I said yes since I was curious to see what would happen with my content if I took it beyond my close circle of friends on Facebook. And voila! I got a tremendous response when I started sharing my content on Twitter. The idea sparked since we wanted to share our lifestyle and inspire others to make the best out of the everyday, rather than waiting for those hallmark moments to happen. Hence, our website was born. We started posting DIY tips in beauty, fashion, travel, cooking and interior design. Our content attracted an enormous amount of traffic, and brands quickly took note. This was the turning point when my sister convinced me to leave my legal career behind to venture out into something we could call our very own.

What were some of your greatest challenges and accomplishments during this journey?
Amra: My friends and family ridiculed me for pursuing my “crazy dream,” so my greatest challenge was to conquer and become respected in the digital world. It was risky, but I didn’t give up. In fact, I worked tirelessly everyday. The greatest accomplishment is that I established my own company and am now in a position to be creative and do what I love. It’s the ultimate self-fulfillment and it pushes me to grow everyday.

Elma: The greatest challenge was to overcome so much doubt, which I faced from the outset from my peers and even family. The great lesson in this journey is to first and foremost believe in yourself, and then the rest will follow. My greatest accomplishment has been to run my own company and manage my own teams, as well as the fulfillment to be able to push and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. It’s also been to use my voice to raise awareness about different causes such as animal cruelty, breast cancer research, and underprivileged children.

Where do you derive inspiration from?
We find inspiration everywhere, usually from the places where we travel, like breathtaking views, museums, operas, art, and architecture. Authentic interior design and certain vintage settings can inspire a shoot as well. Weekend getaways definitely draw out plenty of inspiration afterwards, so many creative ideas are born.

Describe your personal style.
Amra: I love boho-chic. It’s sort of like this free-spirited gypsy style, but infused with attention-drawing glamour.

Elma: I’m a big fan of the Old Hollywood glamour exhibited by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Carole Lombard. I always try to instill a bit of femininity with modern pieces, like ripped jeans and white sneakers.

What’s your dream collaboration?
We would love to work with more designers who are supporting cruelty-free fashion, and are using leather and fur substitutes like Stella McCartney. In the 21st century, there is no need to wear fur. Everyone knows where it comes from and the gruesome reality behind it.

What’s a typical day like for you?
Amra: Our days always look different. During fashion week, a regular day is mostly composed of fittings, shows, meetings and documenting trends for our audience. Other days, we travel to different destinations for meetings or projects we’re working on. But most of the time, my days consist of answering emails, organizing and shooting editorials and posts, attending meetings, and coordinating with our team.

Elma: I never know what will be thrown my way. Every day is different, which is both exciting and challenging. Of course, I have the usual tasks like answering emails, conceptualizing photo shoots, thinking about our clients and their needs, and managing and strategizing with our team. I think when you are working around-the-clock to build a company, there really are no typical days.

What is your daily beauty routine?
Amra: I always maintain my nighttime cleansing routine by using an extra hydrating sleeping mask or lotion. However, during the day, I usually just wear a hydrating serum and some tinted moisturizer. In winter, I always tend to keep my skin extra moist by using a hydrating cleanser, oil or serum. For make up, I love to use darker colors — smokey eyes or deep red lips. Come spring, I switch to a milder cleanser intended for normal skin and use a lightweight moisturizer. I’ll incorporate livelier colors, like pink-ish blush tones, and a berry lip-gloss. But generally, I decide on makeup based on my mood for that day.

Elma: In winter, I make sure to use argan oil products in addition to my moisturizer on a daily basis. I love using facemasks with a great scrub once or twice a week to help plump-up my skin. In spring, I love using Josie Maran’s argan oil face wash and Acure’s argan oil, which are both cruelty-free and not tested on animals. I like to use products that combine argan oil and coconut oil before I fall asleep – rub it on my hands, cuticles, my face and even my hair. With make-up, I definitely go towards the lighter end in spring, resorting to pink hues of crème blushes and a lot of highlighter to give me that glowing, even dewey, look. And most importantly, I use my SPF 50 Supergoop makeup setting spray to protect my skin from the sun’s rays.

What are some daily tools or apps you can’t live without?
Uber, OpenTable, and VSCO.

How has living where you are affected your sense of taste and style?
We think that your everyday setting inspires your mood and hence sense of style. The many galleries we have visited in New York have definitely inspired the types of prints and fabrics we wear. Also, the cold weather inspires a myriad of fashion choices – from layering to fun silhouettes.

Any exciting travel plans this year?
We’re already planning our summer vacation and we’re thinking about Bora Bora, Bali and possibly Maldives. We’ll see how it goes with our schedules but we’re tremendously excited to be exploring new places!

What are your favorite destinations this time of year?
Amra: I really enjoyed being at Necker Island last month. With its exotic wildlife, from giant tortoises to pink flamingos, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I’m definitely looking forward to discovering more exciting getaway spots in the Pacific this summer!

Elma: Venice, like Paris, is always a good idea. Its art, architecture, music and history always inspire the best in me. For anyone who has not visited, it’s a must. And for those of you who have, keep coming back, since you’ll discover something spectacular every time.

What about your favorite ones for all time?
1. Venice, Italy. This is one of our favorite places, mostly because of its unforgettable romantic ambience: the charming canals and the grandiose villas. The Venetian rustic settings are certainly a photographer’s dream come true.

2. Cinque Terre, Italy. With its breathtaking Ligurian coastline, this was by far one our favorite places. It feels like a dream with its colorful houses atop of the cliffs, overlooking the majestic Adriatic Sea.

3. Alicante, Spain. This was the perfect destination for us — a quaint Spanish city with mostly local European tourists in the summer. And only a short boat ride across was the stunning island of Tabarca with its emerald green waters.

Any interesting projects you’re working on?
We’re currently in the process of writing our first book and are very excited about this project. We wanted to share our story and discuss, in detail, the business of blogging in the age of social media influencers.

What’s your life mantra?
Amra: Working better does not necessarily mean working harder or longer. It just means making more of your time by taking care of yourself, being happier, thinking about ways to improve, strategizing, and executing with ease.

Elma: Be your own hero. “She wasn’t looking for a knight. She was looking for a sword.” — Atticus


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