Alaskan beauty Alecia Lindsay is just as adept in creating ethereally intriguing and angelic photos as she is posing for them. Clean and elegant, her shots depict subjects that look alluring and statuesque, evoking a powerful sense of femininity. She can take everyday moments and gloss it up into a high-fashion look that whispers of the simple and gentle beauty of each woman. This couldn’t be more apparent than in her latest photo series titled The Beauty and Fashion Forum featuring some of the most admired female influencers she's met in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industry during her travels to Seattle, Los Angeles, Alaska and back.

There's a strong serenity in each photograph as subjects layer whites, blacks, grays and beiges with touches of lace, silk, sequins and nautical elements (or a rich, velvety shade or two) against peaceful, neutral backgrounds. This balance of dark and light, strong yet gentle, powerful yet feminine, mirrors the aesthetic of her visual perspective and the genre she loves to shoot the most. We hope you’re just as inspired by her story, her looks and her photography as we are!

As a little girl, I owned the most extensive crayon collection known to man. I colored all day long, often copying my father by making floor plans.
I don’t know how many times I recreated my one million square foot dream home — a castle complete with lofts, slides and five story windows.
But of course, that’s not what it looked like on paper. My imagination escaped what I was capable of drawing with those crayons, but my ideas never quit.
My mind continually created concepts with nowhere to put them and no way to complete them.
I found my love of photography by accident, and it was the missing link that I needed. Photography allows me to create pictures that more closely resemble the fantastical images in my mind.
It was so wonderful to photograph my friend Kait for her blog Madly Mignon atop the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles.
Isn't her style amazing? I couldn't get enough of how great her red lips looked with a bold California city-inspired outfit.
Kait gets stylish and ready for her fashion job in L.A. with sparkly accessories and statement sunglasses from Karen Walker.
Fuzzy asymmetrical sweaters go perfectly with the beautiful architecture of downtown.
This black leather clutch makes it easy for Kait to travel from New York to Los Angeles (and back)!
When it’s time to get pretty…sequins, glitter and fur are amongst her favorite things to wear.
Touches of red spice up Kait’s black and white look.
Ombre nails in neutral are a fun and unique thing to try this season.
This is a look I shot for Kait for a girl’s only outing — one of the few times ladies can be completely unapologetic about all things lady-like.
This scarf doubles for a tie-around shirt that can be worn over frayed denim shorts for that summer boho chic look (add some gold bangles and designer sunglasses for a more upscale look).
Keep workwear fun with bright colors for warmer weather days.
Kristina poses in a casual look at a quaint beach in Discovery Park, Seattle.
Model Alexis Sharpe channels old Hollywood glamour in black and white for Elegant Magazine.
Taylor Haylee Hunt personifies the foliage surrounding her during a golden hour shoot for Ellements Magazine.
Pamela from The Juliet Blog is a Hollywood-based fashion blogger that collects and curates Vintage clothing that you can buy.
I had such a fun time photographing her!