In complete seriousness, Jon Bon Jovi in the 90’s is my style icon. Of course, I love minimal chic style, but deep down — I’m a 90’s gal.

How did you end up doing what you’re doing now?
Funny thing is that I got my start posting on Lookbook before I even began blogging. I was introduced to the site through a friend and suddenly decided that this was my thing. Next thing I know, I was taking photos in front of my house with an old camera (you gotta start somewhere)!

What is your main passion?
Blogging is definitely my biggest passion. Since I was studying entrepreneurship, it was important for me to have something I can call my own — and blogging became that thing for me. It doesn’t matter how small it is. It helped me get to know online marketing, social media platforms and everything related to that whole world. In fact, it was my blog that led me to one of my first jobs in that industry, two years ago.

What were some of the greatest challenges and lessons in your journey?
The biggest challenge was definitely finding the right path to present my style. I was lost for quite a while, but I’ve finally found something that suits me.

A major learning lesson for me is to never quit while you are searching for yourself, or for anything that makes you happy. You will get there eventually. Following this, I now know that I need too aim even higher as I reach a certain goal in life, pushing myself to be better each day.

What are some invaluable tips you can share with the Lookbook community?
A lot of people are telling me that they have troubles getting hypes on Lookbook. But I think in reality this was the case with almost every one of us at the beginning. You just have to keep posting on Lookbook and keep working on your blog or any other social media platform.

To connect this to the rest of the question — companies definitely notice when you are trying and working hard. I am still a small blogger but I put a lot of effort in connecting with the companies. And once a company sees your passion for their products that is half of the work done (almost, ha!). Not gonna lie, a larger — and growing — fan base on Lookbook helps a lot.

Then there comes photo shooting. Everyone is different but I feel the best when I take photos with someone I am relaxed with and in clothing that I really love. It took me forever to be comfortable in front of a camera! Even now, I freeze sometimes.

What camera do you use to shoot?
Usually, I use Pentax 50-135mm lenses.

I would finally like to publicly thank my uncle for borrowing it to me all these years — I don’t think we would be doing this interview without his kindness.

Any favorite locations or backdrops?
At home, in front of a white wall is the best thing ever. But when I am abroad, I like to incorporate a bit of the city attractions and different buildings as well.

What are some apps you can’t live without?
Instagram and Pinterest! I live for these apps.

Where does most of your inspiration come from?
In complete seriousness, Jon Bon Jovi in the 90’s is my style icon. Of course, I love minimal chic style, but deep down I’m a 90’s gal.

I don’t dress like this all the time, but I just started to collect some of the clothing that will bring me back to those 90’s vibes, and hopefully breathe some fresh air into my blog an closet.

Other than that, I find the best inspiration in my fellow bloggers. I admire a lot of them.

What’s your favorite look for the season?
Anything with Levi’s jeans. They are rockin’ my fashion boat!

What would you say are your 5 must-have’s for summer?
Cami dress, Levi’s jeans, white tee, black pointy boots and some classic Converse sneakers. Can’t go wrong with basics.

Favorite color of the moment:
Blush pink.

Any favorite fashion icons?
Victoria Tornegren, Mija Flatau, Andi Csinger and Pepa Mack on repeat.

I also follow a lot of fellow Lookbookers: Style-on, Maja Wyh, Sylvie Mus, The August diaries and many others. Checking my Lookbook feed is really inspirational to me.

Dream collaboration?
There are too many — but mainly ACNE Studios, COS stores, or Victoria Beckham designer pieces…everything from them is still on my wishlist!

What does a typical day look like for you?
Like a lot of bloggers, I don’t make enough for a living with blogging so I have to go to work every morning (harsh reality). After work, a cup of coffee and then writing some blog posts, doing research on what is new in the blogging world and what all the new trends are — I really enjoy doing this.

What is your go-to beauty routine?
Bio shampoo for my hair. Facial cloth mask for my face. Every day, the longest eyelashes I can get with my holy grail Maybelline mascara and some nude matte lipstick (I’m obsessed with matte lipsticks, from Kylie lip kits to all NYX mattes).

What are your top 3 places to visit around Europe?
London is most definitely my numero uno. Every house there is reason enough to visit it again. It’s such a beautiful city!

Paris is the second most perfect city, with my favourite Versailles. I would travel there the second time just to see Versailles once again.

The third one is still in searching…

Any exciting travel plans coming up?
For sure! In September, I am leaving to Sardinia. Long sandy beaches, blue sea and my beautiful boyfriend with camera in his hands. Life!

Any interesting projects coming up?
The most exciting thing currently is definitely this interview. I would never imagine that one day it would be me doing it. A dream come true for real.

Do you have any hidden talents?
Selling stuff? I don’t know if this is a good answer but some say that about me. Keep the cash flowin’!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Taking outfit photos in Japan (or some country) with my boyfriend — yes, please.

What’s on your Netflix at the moment?
Finally started watching Breaking Bad… good stuff.

Life mantra?
Don’t let anything or anyone keep you from dreaming big. And be proud of the things you accomplished no matter how small... some people didn’t even get this far!

And also when something bad is happening... just forget about it and you will feel better right away.


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