Drawn to Australia for its endless summers and short, yet surprisingly cold, winters, Alexe of Doll Poupée and her beau and also a musician, Emi decided to move away from their hometown in Europe to explore the offerings of this great continent in a freshly purchased, bright orange VW van.

With a wardrobe full of bohemian blouses, skirts and dresses from Spell Designs, lace headbands, suede accessories and eclectic jewelry handmade with embroidered fabric, metals, shells and stones, Alexe's looks seem to come straight out of an Australian outback film from the 70s. Her style is clearly and unmistakably from the era of pacifism, flowers and free love (although a newsboy hat adds a hint of European taste, while western motifs whisper towards the embracing of new frontiers) — not to mention that the couple is truly living the hippie, bohemian life, as they van it to all of their favorite national parks.

The couple also clearly has a love for filmmaking, and chasing after director’s favorite locations for their shoots. Not a bad idea, considering that the spots have already been pre-approved by the most visually selective of the creative set — professional cinematographers. It’s no wonder Alexe’s photos seem to double as a vintage adventure film that she herself is continually starring in!

We shot these a month ago in sunny Byron Bay, our little piece of paradise in Australia that we sadly left but will be back soon!
We did the hike from Watego’s beach up to the lighthouse on a very sunny and hot Wednesday morning and began our shoot once we arrived at the top (after 10 long minutes of rest, as the walk is pretty intense).
This outfit seems like a fairy tale to me now, especially since we are currently traveling south and experiencing our first winter in Australia.
Both pieces are from Spell Designs. The matching pink embroidered bracelet is from Doll Poupée and the coin bracelet from Shantique Designs.
For cooler days, you can transition the skirt into a dress by pulling it up and adding a vintage belt.
I channeled a western vibe with a fringed suede vest from Vintage Sole and some stone & metal jewelry.
My Filippo Catarzi came in handy once the sun began to set and temperatures began to drop.
This is from a trip we did two months ago to an area called New England High Country here in Australia. As you would deduce from the name, the place reminds us of the UK.

It was really pleasant for us to experience a little bit of Europe away from Europe, as we have both been missing our mother continent a little bit lately.
We had the chance to travel there at the best time of the year and my favorite season — fall. It’s funny to see that the weather is European like over there, colder sometimes even (this continent is full of surprises).
We shot these sets of photos on Australia’s outback in the famous town of Broken Hill, located in the West of New South Wales, 1200km away from Sydney.

Long before we moved to Australia, we read a lot about the country, and Broken Hill has always been on top of our list. We were beside ourselves with excitement the entire way over here (even though the road was really long and monotonous).

It was 350km of endless landscape and kangaroos, and not a single town as far as the eye could see.
On our first day, we wandered into town for a while and then made our way to The Living Desert and Sculptures in the middle of the afternoon. Located not too far from town, this park offered breathtaking scenery that can be visited either by car or hiking.

The major attraction of The Living Desert is the sculpture site where twelve sandstone sculptures were made by artists from all over the world. It’s no surprise that the place looks fantastic when the sun goes down, leaving beautiful shades of pink and orange in the sky.
The area of Broken Hill is known for its fantastic light, which is why so many movies and commercials have been shot there. We started shooting pictures at around 4pm and 30 minutes in, something magical happened.

The light that appeared led our shoot into another dimension. We didn’t have to set our camera that much, since the light was doing all the work for us — that’s when we understood why directors were so crazy about this place.
Last April, we went to Brisbane for 2 days and booked a hostel (since there was no free camping). After checking in, we went to the Southbank Parklands next door and wandered along the river, enjoying a quiet and peaceful evening.

We love to discover cities at night, as there is always something more magical about it.
The morning after, we made our way to the center, but not before grabbing ourselves a delicious dirty chai along the way.

We went shopping for a while to buy things to decorate our van. We had a very non-healthy and greasy lunch that I totally regretted after eating. Once the rain stopped pouring down, we had a swim at Streets beach while watching the sun set over the building. It was a successful getaway.
Broken Hill is the perfect destination to see the life of an Outback town. On our first day, we wandered into town and discovered the history of it through the old buildings.

The red dirt and harsh light has inspired a lot of artists in the area and so you will find a lot of Art Galleries. We had a tour at Mario’s palace hotel, which was featured in the famous Australian movie The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.
On our second day we went to Silverton, a little outback town where all the movies and commercials were shot. The town doesn’t have many buildings left now and there are only 60 inhabitants living there today.

The famous Silverton Hotel is worth stoping for a picture, a beer and all the memorabilia inside that they’ve kept through the years.
We found those beautiful dunes on our way back from Broken Hill.

I discovered them by chance really, as I was checking our itinerary on Google maps and saw a little camera icon saying Perry Sand Hills. I clicked on it and it opened pictures that were absolutely beautiful.
I am so glad I found them, as they were located just 8 km from where we were, and I’ve always loved dunes and deserts.
I’ve always have a deep connection to it. I just love sitting there and staring into the horizon for a while. I love the peace and the tranquility. I love walking barefoot on the warm sand. I love the landscape.
I feel powerful here and I feel at home.
This last set of pictures is from the beautiful Mungo National park just a few months ago.
We were about to shoot the lookbook for our brand, a new feathers headband collection but we arrived a bit too late (as the sun was already down) and we had to shoot 9 items.
So instead, we took the picture of this lovely outfit, wearing head-to-toe Spell Designs.
Featuring delicate shades of lavender and turquoise…
…the look matched perfectly with the landscape
Usually not the kind of colors I wear as I think it’s not what suits me best, but it’s always refreshing to change sometimes, and try something new.

Last but not least, Alexe is an entrepreneur selling her handmade designs on her Etsy. Check it out!