Fantasy, art and creativity are some of our favorite things about Halloween, and these Lookbookers are oozing all three, from head to toe — and bringing their friends with them. From a charming deer and dark ballerinas to trendy space girls and beloved cartoon and comic book characters, we’re really flexing our creative muscles this year.

There’s also a lot of DIY, thrifting and refurbished closet goods being used (which we think is great, especially for the socially conscious lot). For an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot, Bobby Raffin reeled in his friends and family to participate, turning the whole thing into a skit of sorts, where everyone stayed in character. Bookworm Evelyn Moon, fascinated by the brilliance of Tim Burton, dressed up as Miss Peregrine in homage to the trailer that mesmerized her.

Milla and Romina played with DIY as Poison Ivy and Zombie Bride, while the rest used mostly items salvaged from either their own wardrobe or a thrift store. The key is really in putting everything together in the right way in order to share the story you want to tell — and it’s always fun to hear the stories that went along with creating each of these looks!

1. Down The Rabbit Hole

"A group of friends and I got together to do an abstract Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot right before Halloween. Not only did I make my own costume, but I collected the other costumes and some of the props (another friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow his tea set and other props for the set). It was such a warm and sunny day, and everyone was collaborative towards making the shoot go smooth — it was also so cool to have everyone stay in character during the shoot! For my costume, I painted the rabbit ears white and I stitched card fabric to my jeans. I also added little flowers to my platform boots." — Bobby Raffin

2. Bambi

German fashion blogger Ruth Pie's long brunette locks make for a perfect Bambi costume. Simply dress in suedes and browns, and affix some homemade ears and antlers to a headband and you'll be well on your way towards rescuing as many forests as you can.

3. Miss Peregrine

"Is there anyone who hasn’t seen the trailer for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? I, for one, had it on repeat for days on end, which I attribute to Eva Green and Tim Burton's genius. There are no other people in this world I can think of that can mesmerize the way they have done in only 3 minutes. Therefore, I just had to make a photoshoot inspired by this trailer to express my love and admiration for the upcoming cinematographic jewel." — Evelyn Moon

4. Classy Alien

Metallic pieces, alien-shaped sunglasses and a big, pink wig transforms Stav Monskey into a classy looking alien for Halloween.

5. Spacelady

"I decided to become a dead Spacelady who used the wrong kind of rocket fuel (regular Coke instead of diet Coke) this year." — Ren Rong

6. Black Swan

Ukrainian blogger Daniela Guti channels Black Swan with a black leotard and tutu set. Now all she needs is some heavy make-up or a mask to explore a different side of herself for Hallow's Eve.

7. Poison Ivy

"This year I become Poison Ivy. This is a DIY costume, using a simple old black body from Forever 21 with real leaves on. Hope you like it!" — Romina Paola Estrada

8. Jeepers

"I've wanted to make this classic Halloween costume for a long time! Scooby Doo's danger-prone Daphne is such a fun character, especially when your friends and family are joining you as the rest of Mystery Inc. Most of the elements of this costume were assembled from thrift store finds. I painted a pair of canvas dance shoes to match the trim on my dress. A hand-dyed vintage scarf, retro flashlight, and magnifying glass complete the look. Now to unmask some villains!" — Anna C.

9. Bandit

"This is from photo shoot for Jey Jeshko, the great talented Slovakia fashion designer. I'm basically playing a historic bandit from Mexico who ruthlessly killed everyone who got in her way." — Foxy Green

10. Zombie Bride

"I chose this lace dress as the wedding dress for my Zombie Bride DIY, including a fluffy tulle skirt to bring more volume to the hem. For accessories, I got a little chain evening bag and this cool antique looking bracelet." — Milla Tawast