With the increasing amount of festivals popping up over the last few years and a significant rise in the number of attendees, festival life has developed its own unique culture. In this scene, festival fashion has become an extravagant outlet of artistic expression.

I had the pleasure of experiencing a weekend filled with omnifarious fashion at The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle festival for a third time. Named “the wormhole festival’ between Coachella and Burning Man, LIB brings an open minded perspective to many individuals seeking healing and fulfilment of freeing themselves from society’s norms. There festival goers get to experience transformations that allow liberation of limitations and the bravery to express themselves in ways they feel genuine and pure.

Since Lightning in a Bottle exhibits different genres of artists and musicians, it’s exceptional to see a variety of fashionable attendees, ranging from vibrant and colorful, to dark, and geometric. The acceptance between the different individuals is truly beautiful to see, and allows a sense of overall human connection to strengthen.

LiB is such a multifaceted transformational festival, resulting in a mix of fashion trends that resemble Coachella vibe, as well as Burning Man inspired style. This includes bohemian and gypsy style, ranging to colorful sequin clothing, all the way to steam punk or cyber punk trends. Not to mention the display of some intricate, out there costumes typically made by the individuals themselves!

So, how does one stand out at a festival where so many people stand out simultaneously? Simply put, the best way to stand out is to completely and authentically reflect your true self with your fashion choices.

I interviewed a few different individuals and boutique vendors at the festival to understand what drives their motivation to actively contribute to the evolution of festival fashion.

Boss babe Mckenna Walsh, owner and creator of Space Boots, says festival fashion has inspired her for years:

“I love colors! I’ve always loved designing my own outfits, even before it became my business. I love inspiring others with my art and seeing people get so excited about my creations. It means the world to me when I see people enjoying my art and designs. My goal is to always stand out and create the wildest and most unique fashion for everyone!”
Check out her and her awesome platform boot designs at @spacekittyy and @shopspaceboots.

Eamon Armstrong, nicknamed the “Prince of Parties”, is a leader in both festivals and eclectic style. Eamon quotes:

"Whether it’s a costume, a display of your culture, fancy dress, or “playa attire,” donning something unique will catch people's eyes. If your clothing represents your vibe, the people who remark on it will be the very folks most likely to have a conversation or an adventure with you. Expressive clothing tells the people around you that you have something to say, and it gives them an easy conversation starter."
Eamon Armstrong, photo by Eric Allen, hat made by Samanfah Wilson

There are a variety of diverse vendors at the festival, all encompassing a unique style that can accommodate to different fashion tastes. A well known line and vendor at many festivals, Warrior Within Designs, always displays a very colorful and female warrior vibe, with a huge factor of comfortable style.

Another company, Damascus Apparel, has vended at several festivals with their edgy, black and white, geometric take on style. Serving to many different types of music genres, Josh Lyon, owner of Damascus says,

“A huge part of our brand is to connect with people. Connecting with only one musical genre doesn’t fulfill the totality of the brand. Our designs are composed of a lot of geometry and connected artwork that people really appreciate. So, much with color, it’s synonymous with the music scene”.

One of the most unique parts about Lightning in a Bottle is the variety of art installations scattered throughout the festival. The art creates an ambiance of diversity and freedom, giving attendees the comfort of dressing up in ways to express themselves artistically.

Here are some of my favorite shots of the omnifarious fashion and art that I got to see over the weekend:

River @opium_dreams dressed in Dolls Kill

“I’ve been going to festivals for about 9 years now. Festival fashion has helped me find inspiration within myself; expressing myself in different ways help create a better me. It has also helped me find confidence within, the fact that we can feel free and wear whatever fulfills our souls means everything to me”. - Robert Guerrero (pictured above).
Meghan wearing Mamadoux

Personally, I was very excited to have collaborated with different clothing brands over the weekend, as well as dress in my own outfits that I made and put together. Here are a few shots!

Bodysuit by me, shot by Lizzie Rose Media
Shot by Jacob Avanzato

Overall, I had a fabulous time at Lightning in a Bottle, learning more about the ever changing fashion by all the beautiful festival attendees. Some of the most empowering moments are to feel comfortable in your own skin while reflecting your soul through your fashion. Adventuring out of your comfort zone and breaking fashion boundaries are a remarkable way to creatively express yourself at a festival like Lightning in a Bottle.

Thanks for reading, and hope to see you on the dance floor!

- Paris Sinclair

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