This is our second feature interview in anticipation for Splash House's fifth anniversary in Palm Springs, CA, which takes place on August 11-13 this year.

We interviewed Vivie-Ann & Anstascia, or BLOND:ISH, a female DJ duo originally hatched in Montreal but now based in Barcelona. "Weird & wonderful" with "a twist of raver" are words they use to describe their own styles. In addition to their music and style inspirations, we find out about how they were taken hostage to play for 30 hours in Venezuela a few years ago - don't worry, no one was harmed!

Art & Music

When did you start DJing or producing?

A: BLOND:ISH was born in 2008 in Montreal.

What or who were your early passions and influences?

A: Music wise I was influenced by what my cousins were listening to in the summers in France... Pink Floyd, Depeche Mode and the obvious Madonna and MJ lol. My early passions were art and fashion and nature - all arts expressed in different ways.

V: My parents, reel II reel, and the mixes my dad made with them for their parties was my influence for all things pointing to a life in music. When I was younger I also loved playing sports, basketball, anything competitive :) And using my 2400 baud modem logging onto bbs’ and MIRC / ICQ pretending to be a wannabe hacker on my DOS system :)

Where do you get your inspiration now?

A: I'm inspired by all my travels around the world and everything around me at all times... Being in the music world I'm constantly recording sound bytes on my phone... Things like frogs in nature, creaking doors to street musicians to the a guy selling coconuts on the beach... Sound is all around us at all times... You just have to listen...

V: Yah second that. Inspired by everything around me on our constant travels. Like right now we are on the seaside in a super fresh place called ALACATI in Turkey. Just looking around in the restaurants and hotel we been at, I’m looking at incredible art, out of this world lampshades, ways to setup a space to make it super romantic, and perfect lighting!!! Even the music (not to mention the creativity in the food) at the restaurant, Kapha was sooo perfect for the setting, I asked the manager to send me the inhouse mixes they have. Beyond perfecto and not obvious.

What is one sub-genre or alt-community you think doesn't get the attention it deserves?

V: Everything has its time and place. The emerging community of “self-lovers” — a group of us passion driven, contantly evolving — where we are less attached to material items, less consumption, back to a more simplistic lifestyle (somewhat), a garden or farm in our backyards, a life with purpose and full of passion, mixing ancient wisdom with technology and AI... A very strong community of us, it doesnt really not get the attention it deserves… It is inevitable, we emerging from the backdooor...

And we are here to stay -- :) A B R A C A D A B R A :)

Can you tell me about some of the most memorable moments during your career in the music industry?

A: Definitely the first time playing at Burning man on the Robot Heart bus. It was an indescribable moment. Every time I go back I still feel the same awe and wonder as the first time. I can't wait to go back!

V: Being taken hostage in Venezuela to DJ a few years ago.

We were on our friend's boat.

Anchored in the middle of nowhere somewhere north of the Venezuelan coast in paradise on a peninsula.

There were hundreds of ravers on boats that knew where this secret tropical party location was.

After 12 hours of DJing and partying and not drinking enough water, we were starving and had no idea how to get something to eat. Plus it's not like anyone was hungry at all.

All of a sudden, this small motor boat with a Venezuelan local came by and had the MOST incredible fresh lobster & fish ceviche and paella. We thought we were dreaming.

V: We didn't have any Venezuelan cash with us. We were joking around, "haha, wouldn't it be amazing if this guy took Visa?!”

Just as we said that, he pointed to a sticker on the his motor that was a VISA sign.

We thought we were hallucinating when he took out his wireless credit card machine to charge us. We couldn’t stop laughing for days.

Well, we weren't really laughing after that because, we DJ-ed for another 12 hours at the after party. Then just when we thought we were going home, we played at another boat afterparty.

We felt like prisoners in paradise. We love playing long sets, but it was over 30 hours in paradise, with no escaping the boom boom boom of the party - not even for a second.

What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you put it on repeat?

A: Chaim - Love Rehab


Describe your style in 5 words.

A: Hippy bali chic with a twist of raver.

V: weird & wonderful, WERKing mismatching textures.

Where do you get your style inspiration?

A: Just going to shops all over the world. I never have time to shop but when I do I'll buy whatever resonates with me at the moment.

V: My gf liana. She knows whats up. I have no idea. I just know what I like. This summer it's all about my black leather upside down visor, matching sets , top & bottom, the wierd and the wonderful, textures, and patterns galore, the more mismatching the better. And always clothes that are easy to travel with and don't wrinkle easily. Dont have patience or time for ironing :) The concept doesn't work for me lol. This summer I have been living in airports more than ever, alot of my summer wardrobe has been put together from airport shopping, internet orders, and festival pop-up shops :)

Who/what is your style icon?

A: Prince! Purple Velvet! Yes!!!

V: I go with the flowwwww.

“Style is an extension of self. It is a form of self-expression” - true or false? Why?

A: True: obvio. If everyone dressed the same we would all just be fashion sheep which is why it's important to have your individual style and not only follow trends.. .

V: Haha awesome! I'll say its true, cause I’m weird and wonderful :) jeje.

As time goes on I have periods where I get a few of the same tshirt, patns for ease of travelling, and not having to think of my fashion attire especially at airports and traveling. Would rather spend that energy and time on being creative with music :) Simplifying my life where I can.

How does your music influence your style? Why?

A: Well first of all I don't wear high heels so that I can dance (and I'm tall enough lol) so I guess that's a huge influence. I tend to wear things that are comfortable yet fun and not too serious like our music! On tour it's important for us to pack a few pieces that can adapt to every situation so we don't need to travel with tons of clothes...

A: And spend time ironing... not efficient :)

Festival Fun

First time playing at Splash House?

Yesss first :)

What goes into your festival bag?

Hurraw coconut lip balm, vava sunglasses, a sneaky A B R A C A D A B R A banana flask filled with mezcal and our mushroom fan...

Favorite pair of shoes to wear to a festival?

PALLADIUM PAMPA FEST PACK! The yellow smiley face edition :)

A: I love to wear ankle boots at festivals as they're comfortable and people can step on my toes without my toe nail falling off. I honestly don't remember the name of the brand I bought at Shusta in Berlin but they're amazing and have lasted 2 years and 100 festivals!

Favorite coat to wear at night for the low temp at night?

We generally don't go anywhere with cold temperatures anymore (thank god) but if we have to we wear ponchos especially at poncho parties.

What can’t you live without at a festival:

A: hurraw coconut lipbalm, my iPhone battery case, vava sunglasses and baby wipes.

Future festivals you’re looking forward to attending/playing at?

A: Burning man! I still have serious fomo for missing last year!

Catch BLOND:ISH at Splash House this weekend!

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