In the midst of their largest tour to date, Desert Hearts has set its sight on the crafting of a new festival concept to deliver to their loyal community. Aimed at delivering the fully immersive experience of their off-the-grid event to the sprawling cultural hub of Los Angeles Center Studios in Downtown, City Hearts Festival has been born.

Desert Hearts will also be using this new event to engage their community for change and social action with the launch of Helping Hearts, a charitable division of the DH movement.By activating followers with a day of service in the run-up to the event and donating 25% percent of the ticket sales to the Downtown LA Mission, DH hopes to apply the ethos of the movement they have created hand in hand to their new urban home.

City Hearts Festival welcomes a new chapter for this rapidly evolving crew defined by bringing the life changing magic of their secluded flagship event to the masses while building upon the potentials of the House, Techno, Love ethos. In a world defined by turmoil, there is no better time to strengthen the purpose and impacts of their scene defining mantra: We Are All Desert Hearts.

Who are you? Where are you now?

I'm Ash and this is my Business Partner/Best friend/Roommate/Cosmic Soul Sister Tessla, and we are the Glitter Spies. We are currently at our kitchen table in Koreatown eating bagels. Haha.

Who or what is Desert Hearts?

Tessla: There’s a reason our motto is “We Are All Desert Hearts.” While there are the people that run the day to day operations and of course the Desert Hearts crew of DJs, Desert Hearts is ultimately a collective of musicians, artists, fashion designers, and other creative souls on a mission to spread house, techno and love. We aim to showcase outstanding members of our community through our international City Hearts parties and our legendary spring festival at Los Coyotes in San Diego County.

What is this City Hearts Festival? What's in store?

Ash: The crew is taking some of the best elements from the festival and putting them at an event in the middle of LA. At the festival there are all these really quirky camps that surround the dance floor, those will be there, along with the festival fashion vendors, performers, and of course the music that you would find at the festival. There you will also find our Glitter Spies Festival Fashion Show, which we are VERY excited for.

What is festival fashion? What does it mean to you?

Tessla: Festival fashion means wearing whatever allows you to express yourself most fully. Festivals are wonderful and unique places where people are actually celebrated for their differences, not ostracized. This gives people more confidence to wear on their body how they feel in my soul. Since fashion and style is such a big part of the amazing vibe at Desert Hearts, people feel more at home when they dress up! It’s really special.

You're the DH fashion show curator. What kind of fashion show should we expect?

Ash: Around sunset in the middle of the dance floor a runway will drop. On it you will see Desert Hearts attendees, decked out in festival fashion from the fashion vendors selling items at the event. This is a great opportunity to see their one of a kind pieces off of the hanger and on gorgeous dancing creatures. Aside from being a really fun thing to do, every time we have done this it has generated sales for the fashion vendors which is the ultimate goal. At the end give anyone who wants to get up there and strut their stuff the ability to do so, which always results in a massive dance party.

What is your curation process?

Tessla: Whenever I am choosing vendors for an event, there are a lot of factors that influence my decisions. I first think of what kind of style the attendees like. For some events that means more understated earth tone clothes or inexpensive accessories. For Desert Hearts that means the most sparkly, colorful, avant-garde designers I can find. That is the kind of style you will see displayed on the runway. First from the models styled in vendor clothing and then from the attendees that we pick out to dance the runway in their own steeze.

Photos by Jess Bernstien and Keiki-Lani Knudsen