We interviewed one of our favorite electronic music producers, Chloé Herry aka CloZee, ahead of her Lightning in a Bottle performence that is happening during Memorial Day weekend at the end of this month.

From Toulouse, France, with her classical guitar roots and sound engineering knowledge, CloZee blows us away at only the age of 25.

Don’t miss out on CloZee’s set at LIB this year!

What’s your favorite song when you were 12?

Probably « Cry Me A River » by Justin Timberlake haha.

What is one track that never gets old no matter how many times you put it on repeat now?

'Mais Que Nada’ by Sergio Mendes

Where do you get your inspiration now?

Anything: a person, a landscape, an experience, a festival, an image / painting, another artist, dancers...

WWhy is music important to you?

That’s the way I express myself, and escape this crazy world.

Favorite thing you love witnessing during your set?

People getting down to a new tune I play for the very first time in live, after spending hours to create it in the studio.

What’s your favorite movie? Favorite French producers/directors?

Favorite Movie: ‘Mon Roi', or ‘Interstellar'
Favorite French producers: Senbeï, Lil Fish, Tha Trickaz, LOAN, OfDream
Favorite French directors: Jacques Audiard, Maïwenn, Abdellatif Kechiche (French/Tunisian), Jean-Pierre Jeunet

Any French designers (fashion, art, illustration etc) we should watch out for?

I’ll go with the illustration: Lulu Swallow, Miadana, Tohad.

Describe your style in 5 words

Simple, comfy, minimal, easy, and usually black-colored.

Who is your style icon?

I wish I had a bit of culture in this domain, but I don’t :p. So I can’t name one right now.

What is self-expression?


Is personal style a form of self-expression? Why?

Sure, it’s a form of self-expression like many others. You can improvise, experiment, create in a way that is special to you and who tells a lot about yourself.

How does your music influence your style?

My music influences my style for sure: I work so much and I’m so passionate about music that I don’t take the time to 'elaborate' my style or just do shopping haha.

Even when I go on stage in front of many people, where I’ll be seen a lot, I wear very simple designs: black pants with a random one-colored top or jacket.

First time at LIB?

My first time was in 2016. This year is my second time playing there.

Favorite part about LIB this year?

The amazing lineup.

What do you always pack in your festival bag?

My gear / computer / music for sure. The rest is secondary to me.

Favorite thing to wear to a festival?

Whatever I could bring in my suitcase. Usually just a basic black short and tank if it’s hot.

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