One of the most fascinating things about fashion is the creative process that goes on behind it. That initial inspiration can come from anywhere, whether it’s a spontaneous thought from one’s own imagination or a product of collaborative artistry.

In this case, Lookbooker Camille Co of Camille Tries to Blog shows us an intimate taste of both. Thanks to an exclusive collaboration with Lenovo, young photographer Joseph Pascual and illustrator Valerie Chua, the designer style blogger partakes in a special collaboration integrating fashion, design, technology and community. Join us for an insider peek into Camille’s workshop for a step-by-step process of this unique project – the materialization of an intricate one-of-a-kind bridal gown, from conceptualization to final product.

1. Inside Camille's stylish and gilded office, where the magic and brainstorming begin.

2. The envisioned design would be a gown for the modern woman, unafraid to be a bit unconventional and yet every bit the blushing bride.

3. Camille selected a beautiful lace fabric and charmeuse satin, mixed with transparent beads and sequins.

4. Lining up individual strands of beads and sequins together, one by one.

5. The strands were then sewn together to form the torso of the gown.

6. Close-up detail of intricate beading.

7. Close-up detail of sequined lines and coterie.

8. The finishing touches. See how the final design came out!