As part of the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day, we invited a few of our Lookbookers to share with us about the ultimate icon – for life, style, health, relationships and career – their moms. This series will be about the clothes we wear, the gifts we share and the unique stories that are so special and rare in that one-of-a-kind mother-daughter relationship.

Part IV of our series is brought to you by Lookbooker Marta Carriedo, editor of the fashion & style blog It-Girl in Madrid, Spain. Much like her sense of style, Marta’s choices exude luxury, simplicity and functionality.

“This day is particularly special for us because it is not only Mother’s Day for my mom, but it is her birthday as well. So I made sure to have enough gifts to celebrate both!”

Lovely Marta’s Mother’s Day Outfit.

“An iPad mini is essential for staying in contact with the world, not only for news, but for the latest fashion, trends, new products and of course, online shopping. Jewels (this ring is from Yanes because I’m their ambassador) always make her feel bright -- like a star. Her favorite perfume has always been Chanel No. 5, a quality perfume that always leaves her feeling special at all of her important events. Other gifts I would give her would be a spa treatment (to release negative stress and energies), a romantic weekend away to disconnect from the world and its daily working routines, and some cool headphones to live from another point of view (I chose We Are Frends, another brand I’ve collaborated with!). Finally, a cool pocket clutch for safekeeping that is both stylish and trendy.”

Marta's Mother’s Day Essentials.