Ever feel like your look photos are a little off, or simply want to take a better photo? Follow these easy tips to take your outfit pics to a whole new level!

1. Use natural lighting

Photo credit: Ruby Maxwell

The first and last hour of sunlight during the day, aka the “golden hours” are deemed the best time to shoot. The soft and diffused light make for a more flattering photo. If your shooting indoors, aim for a room with plenty of windows and natural light.

2. Get focused

Photo credit: Daniil Shamatrin

Use a manual focus on a mark, or place an object where you’ll be standing (i.e. a rock, tree or purse), before setting the timer and stepping into the frame. You can also try to autofocus on the object before switching to manual. If you want to blur the background in order to bring out the outfit, you can use a wider lens or higher aperture to do that (ideally f1.8, but f2.5 can work if your zoom lens does not go that wide).

3. Take lots of test shots

Photo credit: Ebba Zingmark

Most experienced photographers only use 1 out of every 7 photos they take, so patience is key! Get to know your camera and try a variety of poses, movements, shots, and angles to discover what is most flattering for you and your look. You can also set the self-timer to take multiple shots if that setting is available on your camera.

One pose to practice is to center yourself and cover about 2/3 of the frame. It can take a little bit of time and effort to get just the right photo but no mastery happens in a single day’s work. It’s all about practice, practice, practice!

4. Experiment with different angles and detail shots

Photo credit: V Fleig

Different angles can make for a more visually interesting photograph. For example, shooting from a lower angle (aka a frog perspective) can make you look taller. Experimenting with a variety of them can not only freshen things up, but make for some unique and surprising looks!

Detail shots are another way to add diversity to your images. Use these to highlight statement pieces like jewelry, cute shoes, fun buttons and interesting fabrics that would otherwise be hidden in your head-to-toes.

5. Touch it up

Photo credit: Elle Ribera

Although we don’t suggest overdoing it on the photoshop, a few touch-ups here and there can not only brighten dark photos, but can make them much more eye-catching and pleasant. A good editing program that allows for some adjustments in contrast, color enhancement, saturation and brightness should be all you need.

If you don’t have photoshop, there are online editing tools out there you can use, like Pixlr or the Vscocam app.

Remember, these are just suggestions to start off. As you become familiar with the camera and understanding which shots look best, know that creativity, positivity and unique state-of-mind will always by the key to standing out. Happy snapping!