There are few looks that are more iconic than those styled with statement jewelry from Tiffany & Co. For big-time style bloggers Kiara Schwartz of Tobruck Avenue and Lisa Dengler of Just Another Fashion Blog, the new Tiffany T is an absolute essential for New York Fashion Week. Join us as we sit down with the girls to review the latest trends, catch up, and share stories from a whirlwind of a week with one another!

The Tiffany T Square Bracelet is ideal for a girl like Lisa, making a bold statement about her confidence, intelligence and drive during Fashion Week.

“Standing out amongst the crowd of the most stylish personalities in the world all in one spot can be a challenging task when it comes to New York Fashion Week. So my main goal this season is to stay true to my personal style while adding the edge of New York’s energy – the new Tiffany T is the perfect addition of jewelry I need to elevate my looks this fall.” – Kiara

There was no shortage of stacking going on in the New York street style scene. Since the styles for the New York shows tend to be clean, dark and sleek, jewelry is an absolute must when it comes to doing up a look – the design for Tiffany T helps to amplify a look in just that way, while still maintaining its original integrity.

“Mixing and matching the Tiffany T wire bracelet and chain bracelet are the perfect way to play with different metals and styles, and a good ring party can not be avoided when it comes to styling my looks. The more rings the better or my hands feel somewhat bare and not ready to hit the streets. I’m in love with these simple yet sleek Tiffany T rings.”

Some of the major trends seen in the New York street style scene were menswear-inspired women’s wear, minimalist silhouettes, dark or muted colors and easy, flowing fabrics in silk, cashmere and cotton – the ideal canvas for styling with Tiffany T.

Beyond that, we also love how versatile the collection is, and how easily it can translate from one particular kind of style (or season) into another. Just take a look at the gallery above for an exploration of different styles by Kiara and Lisa.

“One of the things I love most about New York Fashion Week is how all of the dear blogger friends and peers that inspire me daily are all in one place. Each style is a reflection of who we are and reminds us of why we are in this business – to express our souls through fashion. It’s wonderful how this collection is so customizable to each of our unique personalities.”

We couldn’t agree more. The strong, powerful and undeniably chic design of Tiffany T is about as inspiring as the designs, street style and people we encounter during Fashion Week itself. Until February 2015, we’ll miss you dearly, New York, New York!