The black and white duo is one of the most timeless pairings in the history of fashion. Its simplistic elegance doubles as a bold fashion statement that is romantic, chic and a flattering color combination on nearly everyone. Traditionally known as one of the more formal color pairings, its pervasive adoption into youth culture and street style has played an integral part into elevating and refining even the most casual of looks.

One such line is Alyssa Nicole’s Signature Collection – consisting of chic little black and white dresses, inspired by the classic tuxedo. Each piece, youthful in feel, is carefully tailored and crafted to exude sophistication.

We recently had the opportunity to provide 3 of our users with handcrafted pieces from this new, demi-couture collection, selected by Alyssa Nicole herself based on creativity, originality, unique style and presentation of their black and white outfit of the day.

Check out our top 3 winners below and explore some of our staff picks for inspiration on your next black-and-white or tuxedo-inspired look!


First Place: Tiffany Borland received a Signature Tuxedo Dress from Alyssa Nicole.
Second Place: Toshiko S. received a Signature Skirt from Alyssa Nicole.
Third Place: Ewelyn D. received a Signature Crop Top from Alyssa Nicole.


Photo Credit: Kristina Magdalina
Photo Credit: Jeanpierre Souaidan
Photo Credit: Eliska H.
Photo Credit: Laura Lambert
Photo Credit: Essy Noir
Photo Credit: Dora D.
Photo Credit: Meggy Fri
Photo Credit: Alyssa Baña
Photo Credit: Georg Mallner

To discover more looks, search the hashtag #ALYSSANICOLE or #ANLOOKBOOK on our site!

You can also explore Alyssa Nicole’s mood board or the Alyssa Nicole Signature Collection Lookbook for inspiration on your next ethereal black and white look.