One of the main style bloggers catching our attention during Berlin Fashion Week is adorable pixie-cut Esra from Germany. Her looks are so elegant and versatile, they can work on just about any body type or personality (but with enough of a whimsical touch to keep from being anything close to common or run-of-the-mill).

She transitions from minimal classic looks like Parisian tomboy to elegant-looking urban wear to fun and funky outfits that mix up different styles or decades in an impressively seamless manner. We are more than impressed and couldn’t help but share the day-to-day progression of her Berlin Fashion Week looks!

“I love fashion and everyday I learn more and more about what it really means — sharing with others the same struggles and hopes that I have, with their hearts in the right place. I left a colorful week behind me, full of ups and downs, shoots, coffee and running around on very little food and sleep. It was filled with new impressions, ideas, projects, inspiration and new friends (not to mention a new hair color and a torn ligament)!” — Esra of Nachgestern


Esra creates a feminine-tomboy look with Parisian stripes on a sweet ruffle top and a whimsical matching bow. She then balances it out with denim culottes, chunky black platforms and a box purse made of the popular-as-of-late snakeskin material.


A fun and nostalgic mix of past decades, Esra carries a 90’s-style denim jacket with her 70’s floral wrap dress. The rest of her look carries a mid-century tone with pink cat-eye glasses and glamorous red lipstick. Gold stud sandals add a final touch from the modern age.


This urban wear look seems a natural fit for the Berlin street scene — a dark chambray robe shirt layered over a white wrap dress in a mosaic pattern. Practical sneaks keep her toes comfortable during the final days of Fashion Week.


Esra surprised us by coloring her hair pink for the last day (talk about a head-to-toe wardrobe change)! She continued the funky look with a blooming bouquet of pink flowers and a unique pattern on her coat, layered over a casual sky blue shirt dress. We’re sure she turned quite a number of heads on the last day of BFW.