Dotted with stunning cathedrals, college campuses and 18th century architecture, Oxford is known as the "city of dreaming spires" and home to the university that popularized the beloved Oxford shoe. Local Lookbooker Emma Felin of Sassy Street personifies the classy, elegant style of city by incorporating modern summer trends into timeless outfits made up of horizontal and vertical stripes, high-waisted shorts, dewy red lips and of course, Oxford style cut-out shoes and boots.

She'll just as easily transition from a casual British boho dress in the gardens to a classic shift dress paired with a floppy dress — or nautical-inspired separates for a quick row along the River Cherwell via gondola.

Oxford is the perfect place for simple colour schemes and patterns, like this red, white, and blue top combined with a bright red lip. I wore this while walking along one of my favourite streets in Oxford, where the spires, churches, and libraries line up perfectly together.
One of the most pristine academic institutions, New College, is totally worth a visit. In addition to being one of the city's oldest colleges, it was also a filming location for the “Harry Potter” films. A striped tee and formal shorts complete the ideal sporty, yet feminine outfit.
Just a couple miles away from city centre is a massive palace called Blenheim Palace. This is my more dressy outfit, completed with a textured pink jacket (which is fun for taking a stroll along the roses).
Although I usually turn to more structured outfits in Oxford, boho can work too! The botanic gardens are absolutely pristine, made up of unique greenhouses on the river with the backdrop of quaint architecture. I would definitely suggest going for a boho outfit when visiting.
Each of Oxford’s 38 colleges provides a nice, quiet place to hang out and explore. A breezy striped shirt with a monochrome outfit works nicely as you wander around the cloisters snapping photos.
“Punting” is a traditional Oxford summertime activity. A wide hat and shift dress are perfect to lounge around in as the boat passes by the spires on the River Cherwell.