Christen Gerhart is a host, actress and magician YouTube blogger with a passion for ethical and sustainable vegan fashion — something we can totally get on board with!

Each week, she reports from A Harmless Project, a web series highlighting new products and designers pioneering cruelty free and eco-friendly movements while aspiring to high levels of chic, quality and style.

We're thrilled to feature her episodes right here on Lookbook and learn more about where to get and how to style the very best in sustainable fashion.

"I’ve been a fan of Bhava for quite awhile. This is my pick for the ultimate transition shoe this season; for those of us sweating our way through summer and dreaming of all the FW2015 gorgeous knitwear we see premiering on Instagram, this bootie is there to take us gracefully from rompers and cut-offs to thick knit joggers and rustic dark wash denim. Their designs are extraordinary and the quality of their vegan materials is exceptional.

For this video, I highlighted their Alden Booties in Black and Neutral. The textures of each style are rich and feel very sturdy. The insole is soft and quite padded so they’re comfortable to walk and stand in for long amounts of time. I went for two casual looks. First, I paired their Alden Booties in Neutral with skinny jeans from Paige Denim, and a simple white tank top. Then, I went for a structured striped shirtdress from Shades of Grey, and a crisp white handbag from Matt & Nat."

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