Every week, host, actress and magician YouTube blogger Christen Gerhart reports from A Harmless Project, a web series highlighting new products and designers pioneering cruelty free and eco-friendly movements while aspiring to high levels of chic, quality and style.

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"Good Guys Don't Wear Leather is, in my opinion, THE company to watch out for. Before you know it, this chic French label is going to blow up and you'll see their unique style all over the world.

In this episode of A Harmless Project, I'm featuring their Ella boots in black (ankle boots are my favorite wardrobe staple for fall and winter). Not only are these babies comfortable, soft, slick and vegan, but they go with absolutely everything. They hit all the right style points — a perfect 2-inch wooden heel, pointed toe, soft vegan suede look and side stretch detailing that makes them easy to slip on and off, without being too loose. I've been known to wear these with thigh or knee high socks and a mini skirt or dress! Check out their entire collection here (including some new super awesome sneakers).

I was also given the amazing opportunity to chat with Marion, owner and designer of Good Guys, and ask her a few questions! Her brilliant answers are below."

1. When designing a collection, where do you get inspiration?

When I design a collection it's already in my head for a while — I am always thinking about what we need for next summer or next winter, what's in the air and what do I want to wear?

I look for inspiration all around me. Of course, I travel a lot. I live between Paris and Los Angeles. I design my shoes so you can wear them in both a very urban and edgy environment like Paris, but also a more laid-back city by the beach vibe like Los Angeles and Miami. I love looking to movies for inspiration as well. I love reinventing the basics and create a new vegan wardrobe, like the cowboy boots or derby shoes. I find inspiration in art, paintings and illustrations (mostly for the atmosphere and color combinations).

When I read Just Kids by Patty Smith, it inspired me to do the cowboy boots, and reading Keith Haring's Journal inspired me to create the first line of sneakers that will be available for Fall-Winter 2016 driven by the New York street artists of the 80's, like J.M. Basquiat and Keith Haring.

2. Is there anything you can tell us about your next collection — maybe a fabric or style you're really excited about?

The new line of sneakers will be made of vegan microfiber and come in low top and high top, in the colors black, brown and white. I'm also excited to showcase the new cowboy boots I designed for women with a higher heel — very "sharp" looking.

3. What are your go-to Good Guys Don't Wear Leather shoes right now and how do you style them?

Right now I am wearing the Surfline because I bike a lot and it's easy, flat and comfortable, and I can wear them barefoot. Otherwise, my all time favorites are the Duke and Dylan boots. I wear them with a dress or a denim, anything really. Even if I only wear a white T-shirt and Levis 501 jeans, I know these boots will not only bring an edge to my outfit, but they come in so many colors, it rarely ever gets dull.

4. Where do you see vegan fashion in five years?

I see it becoming really big! We are one of the first French vegan brands, and I feel like people are now looking for more of these. Even big brands are re-thinking their marketing speeches around a "green" collection or a socially-conscious line. I think vegan fashion is the future for us and our environment.

For this look, I kept things minimal and comfortable. This is one of my all time favorite outfits; it's effortless and timeless.
I purchased these Current/Elliot jeans through The Outnet. The top is from Hovden Formal Farmwear and the hat is a vintage felt fedora.
Ella boots in black complete the look.
Here I paried my Ella boots with a striped shirt dress from The Fifth Label (you can shop their collection at BNKR).

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