Whether you took advantage of summer’s pleasant weather for a staycation or chose to jet set around the globe, a well-traveled look is not too out of reach, especially with our latest global style guide — featuring the hottest trends and design styles from every corner of the world.

With a varied selection of curated global treasures, Runway Passport makes it easy to recreate the wardrobe of a world traveler from the comfort of your very own home. Expert curators put together richly storied products that express the tastes and cultures of iconic cities around the world — taking shoppers on a virtual trip to places they’ve been, are going to or have only dreamed of visiting.

Style leaders and trendsetters can discover new and exciting designers from those cities (and even earn rewards and money for shopping and sharing through the You Sell program!) — before everyone else does. Behind every artist, designer, partner and curator lies an inspiring story, reflecting their lives’ passion — and when you make a purchase, you take part in helping each one make an international mark.

Our first global style guide features our favorite curated collections that capture the unique feel, culture and styles of three major parts of the world — Europe, America and Oceania.


Influenced mainly by the Nordic countries of Scandinavia as well as Austria and Germany, the art of minimalism flourished in Northern Europe. Since neutrals are major thing this season, we put together a modern collection of gold, white, silver and black — featuring mainly architectural accessories with androgynous pieces and angular lines.

Clockwise from L-R:

1. Black & White Morocco Necklace (Athens, Greece).
2. Y Sleeve Organic Cotton Eco Top (Berlin, Germany).
3. Brilliant 3D Printed Ring (Düsseldorf, Germany).
4. Pochette Bull Leather Clutch Bag (Bettona, Italy).
5. White iPhone 5S Studded Cover (Florence, Italy).
6. Dark Silver Resin Bow Tie (Florence, Italy).
7. White Resin Bow Tie (Florence, Italy).
8. Pochette Sting Ray Leather Clutch Bag (Bettona, Italy).
9. Gold Shell Earrings (London, England).


The home of casual chic, the United States is known for being on the forefront of major youth movements and anti-establishment culture — a trait that runs strong in the undercurrent of its fashion sense. For American style, we put together a youthful, punk-y look with a loose white t-shirt and a mix of feminine 90’s grunge accessories.

Clockwise from L-R:

1. Aura Ring in Recycled Materials (Los Angeles, California).
2. Stratus Earrings (Brooklyn, New York).
3. Brooklyn Script Printed T-Shirt (Brooklyn, New York) .
4. Empty Throne Necklace (Brooklyn, New York) .
5. Scissors Cuff Bracelet in Brass (Brooklyn, New York).
6. Silver Gears Ring (Brooklyn, New York).
7. Pollera Faux Fur Skirt (Brooklyn, New York).
8. Beautiful Tangle Earrings in Sterling Silver (Brooklyn, New York).
9. Figure Eight Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver (Brooklyn, New York).


The southern hemisphere tends to lean towards all things bold, bright and colorful. From Australia and the Philippines to parts of Africa, residents love to experiment with rich jewel tones, faux snakeskin and touches of the exotic. This eclectic collection is just right for those looking to incorporate a quirky, unique or international look.

Clockwise from L-R:

1. Cassia Vibrant Turquoise Leather Clutch (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia).
2. Le Papillion Printed Blouse (Port Au Prince, Haiti).
3. Motta Cross Body Leather Bag (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia) .
4. Colorful Sterling Silver Polymer Stud Earrings (Melbourne, Australia) .
5. Le Soleil Sleeveless Silk Blouse (Port Au Prince, Haiti).
6. Supernova Rhodium Earrings (Mumbai, India).
7. Rose Battalion Armor Ring (Sydney Australia).
8. The Clara Vegan Nude Heel (Manila, Philippines).
9. The Nile Weekender Vegan Leather Sandals (Manila, Philippines).