Halloween results are out! Took us a while. It was no easy and speedy task, especially considering the high calibre of the participating looks this year. Thank you for your patience!


Although she’s only joined Lookbook about three months ago, Kathryn is without a doubt an expert in couture and fashion. The eerie, dark mood of look and the elegance of her dress creates a compelling narrative.

"This dress was created from a design I have had in my head for a long time now. Queen of crows. The dress is made from individual feathers with a tight upper body and flowing long feather train. This image was shot by the wonderful Bella Kotak down in London. She brought my dress to life and created this enchanting look. The character and her gown are dark souls but the photo shows the elegance of her. HALLOWEEN CROW QUEEN."

A Lookbook veteran, Bobby is no stranger to Halloween. Out of the 5 (or 4.5) entries, his “Down the Rabbit Hole” won us over. Not only did he make his own costume, we absolutely adore the lavish props and set-up that seal the deal.

"A group of friends and I got together to do an abstract Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot right before Halloween. Not only did I make my own costume but I collected the other costumes and some of the props. Another friend of mine was kind enough to let me borrow his tea set and other props for the set. It was such a warm sunny day and everyone was collaborative towards making the shoot go smooth. It couldn't of turned out better! It was was also so cool to have everyone stay in character during the shoot! For my costume I painted the rabbit ears white and I also stitched card fabric to my jeans. I also added little flowers to my platform boots. If you want to see more photos from this shoot please make your way to my blog! Till next time!”

Vintage photographer and model, Laura Okita transports us back to the 20s with her impressive entry, dressed as the legendary first female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean solo, Amelia Earhart.

”This year I have been so impressed by all of the amazing women who have been fighting for more equality in women's rights. Inspired by this movement, I decided to make my costume after a woman from the past who was fearless and brave in a predominantly male profession, the beautiful Amelia Earhart. All of these strong women before us, make it possible to improve the lives of the future.”

We can’t imagine a cuter and more creative interpretation of the iconic Morton Salt Girl by Morgan Ryan. We love the look and also her informative and personable response to the prompt.

” ’When it rains it pours.’ This is a phrase often used when describing a series of unfortunate events. On the contrary, Morton Salt created this as their slogan in a very optimistic tone. The quote was the literal depiction of the innovative nature of the product. As the first salt brand to add magnesium carbonate (an anti-caking agent), it created a table salt that flowed freely, even in humid or rainy weather.

The idea to be The Morton Salt Girl for Halloween stemmed from a recent shoot I did where I spontaneously reached for the popular salt on set to use as a prop... This lit up the creative light bulb to become the modern version of the iconic cartoon.

Having already bought rain boots for El Nino this winter and a yellow trench coat conveniently hanging in my closet, it was an accessible and innovative idea. I added the bow to reflect the vintage version of the character from the 1930's logo. It was the perfect excuse to finally buy that clear bubble umbrella I had been wanting all season!”


This year, Wednesdays, Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuices are a lot of people's favorites!