Inspired by a unique mix of fairytale editorials and unforgettable traveling postcards, infused with high quality street style and food photography, The Hereabouts is a lifestyle photography journal created by Sandra Negrea and Evelina Munteanu in 2010.

Not only is Evelyn a talented and beautiful storyteller, her whimsical, romantic style is as poetic and imaginative as her writing. At the core of every good writer exists a love for reading, a passion we can tell she fervently possesses, referencing various books, stories and poems when describing her looks and where she decides to travel. Always seeking to understand the origin of places and things, the most poignant of thoughts spill out from the crevices of her mind and imagination.

Here, we provide a glimpse into her world through the paradoxes of fall, a season for breaking down and building up, for weeping and for laughing, for mourning and for dancing — and to pluck up the things we once planted.

Fall is by far my favorite season. I still get a bit nostalgic every time I go into a bookshop and the smell of new school supplies fills the air. Nowadays, it means the return of my dearly missed shows and some new additions to the wardrobe, like this embroidered white peplum top and blue floral kimono.
Who doesn't love a wide-brim hat? I am pretty obsessed with head accessories, from hats of all shapes and sizes, to berets and cozy beanies (my choices for cold season headwear can be endless). Although some women don't wear hats in general because they don't think it looks good on them, I disagree with this theory. A perfect hat is like a great book — you just have to find the right one for you.
I love fairy tales and if there's a dark element to them, even better — I blame it on those Grimm Brothers' stories.
We've become so familiarized with the watered-down versions by Disney, that we've forgotten how the original storylines played out.
In my opinion, the best fairy tales are those combined with a pinch of wisdom from Time Lord. These are the most terrifying ones, where you discover monsters that can haunt your adult nightmares.
The outfit I'm wearing today is part of a challenge I accepted from, a new concept introduced on the market in Romania. I joined the "Urban" tribe with a classic biker jacket look. What tribe would you join — stylish, urban, nonconformist, office or sport?
When the present is too much to bear, we need to take a step back and contemplate on the past. Here I am, in front of the Knole House, situated in Sevenoaks, West Kent, England — a place where time stands still.
Construction on the house began in the late 15th century. The building gathers 365 rooms, 52 staircases and 7 courtyards and is believed to be a calendar house. The architecture reflects a mix of Elizabethan to late Stuart structures, surrounded by an endless estate that includes a deer park, beautifully preserved for more than 400 years.
When it comes to London, there is no surprise that I keep finding new and exciting places to visit each time I come back. On this occasion, we decided to spend the day visiting vintage markets and the famous Portobello Road area for my birthday.
The weather was perfect, much sunnier and warmer than expected — that right there is one heck of a present.
Dear November, you've been so peculiar this year — warm, bright and colorful. You've brought out the best in some and the worst in others. You've made us laugh and you've made us cry.
You've made us think about the future, while always remembering the past. You've made us better humans, forged by a new sense of purpose.
One thing we ask of you dear November, tell December to be merry and kind. Tell him to bring us joy, peace and hope. Let him heal all wounds and inspire us into building a new and better future.