Peaches — yes, that is her real name — is a rad UK based blogger with a penchant for pastel-coloured hair, My Little Pony and all things Kawaii. Her love for the 90's, rock bands and vintage albums is expressively stated in each of her looks. She's essentially a girly-grunge rainbow child who is not only particular about what she likes (from favorite records and bands to a very specific type of vintage Levi jeans), she isn't afraid to explain exactly why she does.

Drawing influences from Americana prep (bomber jackets and tennis skirts) to Courtney Love (distressed denim and punk-style patchwork), this British gal has striked a pretty sick balance between the punker style of Shoreditch and the casual-cool vibe of L.A. In fact, she'll be making the long trip over come summer with a hopeful perspective, new camera in tow and most likely, building out her warmer weather wardrobe with hip pieces from some of her favorite brands, such as Monki, Unif, Ray-Bans and the like.

"The latter part of 2015 hit a rough patch (to say the least), so I'm putting that swiftly behind me and welcoming 2016 with wide arms and excitement. There's nothing like the freshness of a new year to reignite your motivations and passions. I already have a few things planned, including revisiting Los Angeles, the city that I love, in July, as well as spending a night in the desert. I've also recently invested in my dream camera and plan on adding some snazzy new fixed lenses to it to further enhance my photos. Currently using my old Canon 50mm 4/1.8 but contemplating between the Sigma 35mm F1.4 or the Canon 50mm F1.2. I literally cannot wait for summer to come around!"

“When I first came across this striped jumper at UNIF, I knew it had to be mine. Everything — from its high neck shape and oversized fit to its rainbow of ice-cream inspired shades — fulfills my pastel-colored dreams. This jumper first stole my heart late last year and I am still deeply in love with it!

I love the whole brand’s aesthetic and the way they mix the grunge with the girly within their designs. I currently have my eyes glued to owning their ‘Lenny Top’ in pastel pink for obvious reasons.”

“This record player is one of those pieces in my room I can’t imagine going without. There is something so special about listening to music through vinyl. Finding new albums — old and new — is one of my main interests beyond fashion.

Some of my favorites of all time are ‘Anthems for Doomed Youth by The Libertines (recorded in a Thai studio, the album dabbles in an array of ska and reggae sounds with sophisticated sounding melodies that show a more grown-up side to the band), The Arcs debut ‘Yours Dreamily’ (showcasing a sound with hints of psychedelia, soul and funk, with lyrics to match) and ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ in remembrance of musical genius David Bowie (a concept album telling the story of a fictional rock star, with clear glam rock influences and social commentary).”

“There is something about a varsity jacket’s American high school style preppy-ness that I have always loved — especially since it can instantaneously add an element of androgyny to any outfit. Come summer, I cannot wait to begin style it with a full-on 90’s school girl look, incorporating AA tennis skirts, white sneakers and a court background in tow.

With an ‘Americana’ theme in mind, I paired the jacket today with this awesome tee. I love the vintage feel of a slightly worn American flag print. I also decided to give my new classic-style Raybans their first blog outing, knowing the versatility of this shape will work wonders on future outfits.”

“I’ve had my eye on owning this velvet dress by Motel Rocks ever since my recent obsession with the style of Courtney Love and her adoration of the babydoll-slip dress. This one definitely has the 90s written all over it, from its shape to its fabric. One of my favorite ways to style it for the colder months is to pair it with a black ribbed roll neck for that subtle contrast of textures.”

“I also paired it with a distressed, patched denim jacket I picked up from Romwe over Christmas. I've discovered a new love for patched denim, and love how the back patch quotes a song from the rock band The Pixies.”

“I received this incredible Monki metallic parka coat for Christmas and can't wait to start styling some winter-themed looks with it.”

“For this look, I decided to go down a more practical (meets grunge) route by pairing it with a Black Sabbath Tee from my sister and a pair of distressed denim jeans.”

“When I first spotted this scarf from The Ragged Priest on Asos, I instantly fell for its acidic bright colours and fluffy faux-fur texture. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Monki wool coat I picked up a couple of months ago. I wanted to style it with this skirt, t-shirt and choker combo as it’s a subtle nod to Kawaii.”

“The t-shirt is from a brand my sister and I came across on eBay called Minga London. It’s aesthetic mixes the cute and weird into creating some seriously wish-list worthy pieces of clothing, at ever-so-tempting prices. I have currently got my eye on owning one of their brightly coloured tie-dye swimsuits, as I know it would be the perfect accompaniment for my trip to LA next year.”

“Ever since moving to Nottingham, I have fallen in love with their array of vintage/antique shops, and independent boutiques. Cow vintage was a brand that I have been aware of for over a year, so when I saw that they had a store in Notts I couldn't believe my luck! With such a vast collection of decades and styles, it has become my one-stop destination to lose myself in — and escape — from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.”

“Owning a pair of vintage Levi jeans has been on the top of my list for longer than I can recall, and I found exactly the kind I was looking for at this store for only £18. It’s a high-waisted, mom jean style with a dark wash.”