Thank you for all the lovely and generous Lookbook members who have shared their own inspiring definitions of love. Love transcends language, culture and gender.


"Blogging is also a competitive job. You meet bloggers at events, you mention them in your posts, you discuss your blogs, but there's always an elephant in the room. There are only so much collaboration opportunities in a blogging niche, especially in our country's emerging marketing scene. Healthy competition keeps you hustling, but creative friendship will do that and more." -Yana P

"We had this amazing strong bound to each other. the only thing why we didn't meet at the beginning was that she lives in AUSTRALIA and I'm GERMANY... She's my best friend and i miss her everyday. Thank you LookBook for helping me finding my BEST FRIEND." -Georg Mallner

"Any relationship, failed or successful, plays a valuable role in our life story. They become our best teachers, our gateways to self-awareness and acceptance. They also become our mirrors, which reflect back to us our inner worlds." - Morgan Ryan

"He understands how much I like to blog about style too, so he had no hesitation when I asked him to do this shoot...I never imagined I would meet such a perfect person in this massive city! I think it was meant to be <3" - Trixie Belle


Again, thank you everyone for participating. We are honored to witness love expressed in so many different, diverse ways by our community. We love you!