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Sarah Bell

Sarah Bell

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Sarah Bell
Alright, so anyone already a fan of me; Thank you so much. In a few weeks, I will probably be deleting these looks, as for the last few months, my body has chenged a lot. To state it mildly, I was quite curvy above, and these looks no longer fully represent my body as a wwhole, nor me as a person. Thank you so much for your time <3
thanks for fanning me!
cool pics :)
Taryn Sims
hey boo, thanks for becoming a fan.(:
you're a cutie! love your clothes.
use a lot of brights (coral, teal, green)
they'll go great with your skin complection.(:
Sarah Bell
@tgeburt you're very welcome :)
and as are you Ellakii :)
Ellakii Sedgwick
thanks sweetie!!
Sarah Bell
@Ferefefe_CandyD you're very welcome hon! Thank you so much <3 you are quit the stunner yourself! And Maya, you are so very welcome :) I hope your weekend was lovely as well!
Ferefefe Candy Doll
aaaah!Thanks for become my fan!
I'm your fan to!
u r so pretty! *----------*
Ferefefe Candy Doll
Thanks for your hype xoxo
Maya O.
Wow, I cant say how honored I am for all your hypes! That is SO kind of you, Sarah! Thank you so much :) Hope you have an awesome weekend!
Sarah Bell
@Natalia Lima No problem love, your looks are amazing!
Sarah Bell
@Ivana_Insanity You're welcome very muches love :)
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