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SS20 byMelianj

SS20 Contemporary byMelianj takes us back to the mid '70s with a refined, minimalistic approach to fashion; emphasizing attention for detailing and sustainability. Our soft, flowing, and simple silhouettes make for an extremely comfortable product that reflects a time when people were focused on greater world issues such as environmental and human rights- simply wanting to be fashionably comfortable. With cotton and linen and wood accents, this line is made almost entirely from natural organic fibers. The collection is inspired by calming earthy tones and is reminiscent of the beach's sand, ocean, and sky; bringing an easy-breezy, light, and dreamy energy. With our "slow fashion" initiative, each design is experience' oriented, and handmade to order with love, ethically and sustainably here in Los Angeles, Ca. each piece is then cleansed with Palo Santo and includes a linen byMelianJ embroidered garment bag for protection as to ensure a quality, long lasting product. We believe money is not just fiat but an energy currency and not only want you to be comfortable but feel good wearing each design. With every dollar, you are not only investing in yourself but also the environment by making a change in how we spend, fashionably!

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