Community Guidelines

We want Lookbook to be a diverse, fun, and inspiring place for you to share your own style and build connections with like-minded people.

Prohibited Content

Offenders will be removed from the community.

  • Copyright infringing content
  • Pornography
  • Hate speech
  • Photos of children under the age of 13
  • Spam

Rules for Posting Looks

Community members can flag looks, and our moderators will review and remove any rule-breaking looks. Please note that something you don’t like on Lookbook may not go against our guidelines. Learn how you can hide content you don’t like on Lookbook.

  • You must be in the photo
  • Your full outfit must be clearly visible, showing at least head to mid-thigh, or neck to feet.
  • One outfit per look.
  • No distracting edits.


  • Be genuine and respect other members. Everyone on the site is a real person like you and me.
  • Leave encouraging comments when you see something you like. A well-thought-out comment means a lot more to the recipient.

Building Your Audience & Exposure

We understand gaining exposure is important to you, and we’ve outlined a list of best practices to help you build your audience on Lookbook. These are also factors we take into when we feature your look on our social media channels.

Please do:

  • Post non-rule breaking, unique looks. Creating your own niche builds a strong audience.
  • Tag items. Descriptive and accurate item tags help your look show up on search. If your item has a brand, please include it in the “brand name” field of the item tag.
  • Link the correct URLs in item tags. Please make sure they link to where the items are, so other members can find it.
  • Use appropriate hashtags in your look description. Hashtags put your looks into categories for others to find.
  • Write a thoughtful description. Context or a story adds depth to your post. Avoid including ads or promotional banners.
  • Share your looks and profile outside of Lookbook.
  • Enter contests. Contest entries help you get seen by the community. Winning the contest, without doubt, receives a considerable amount of exposure as well!

Please don’t:

  • Ask for fans and hypes through comments or messages.
  • Post identical or almost identical comments or messages in large volumes.
  • Include your social media usernames, blog url, or your name in the title of your looks.
  • Use irrelevant hashtags in the description of your looks.

To encourage a mutual, healthy relation between influencers and fans, when you break our community guidelines, you may lose your community privileges or in the most extreme cases, your account.

Contact Us

When you see or experience any abusive or rule breaking content, please contact us.

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