September 9, 2015 – October 5, 2015

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My missing
14 · over 6 years ago

My missing is pure like snow.
I went to the rooftop where we once used to meet and I felt so close to you, yet so alive.
Some people wear black for an occasion like this, but you loved me in white and white are my feelings about everything we had.
You are never forgotten, always loved, always with me.
(dedicated to my beloved husband, R.I.P. 18/10/2014) read more »

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25 · over 6 years ago

As being a dentist I have to wear all in white uniform every day. However I’m not fed up with this color because “white” reminds me of something pure and light. That’s why I’m wearing it with some casual or even classic looks.
I’m always having fun with my looks and I’m not afraid to experiment with an all white outfit, too. Considering all those silly rules about when and where you should wear all white outfit, I was being confident and wore it at opera performance.
I layered my white clothes to help add depth to the overall look. Wearing a padded leather coat designed by... read more »

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19 · over 6 years ago

This white shirt-dress is my favorite thing to wear. It's simple, yet bold. Where would I travel while wearing this?
I would travel back in time to visit the 14 year old me. Back then, I was a diffident youth who was too afraid to wear anything that wasn't black. I believed nothing looked better, and nothing felt safer. Oh, was I wrong.
I think at 14 I was too nervous to be the boldest I could be. Sure, my style had been (and still can be) a bit unconventional, but to push it even further seemed unfathomable at that time. Wearing white was like stepping out of my comfort zone, but once... read more »

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32 · over 6 years ago

I don't wear white often. Actually, this is my very first white look. It might sound stupid, but wearing white outfit was really hard for me. Since I'm fighting depression, I don't like being noticed. That is why I wear dark colors - to cover myself from everything around me. When I wear black, I feel safe, secure and somehow invisible. Black reminds me of strenght and power. White on the other hand is pure, delicate... Fragile. White is silent. It makes you feel and hear more from the inside of your heart...
In this outfit (and any other total white look) I would go on a date with myself.... read more »

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