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D. Streetz

D. Streetz

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Sarah S
Thanks dahhling!
Mia Lindquist
Sarah S
Hey, thanks!
Sarah S
BTW, thanks for becoming a fan, it means a lot to me <33
Sarah S
You should post something up !
Amely G
nice designs! I really like them :)
Chelsea Marshall
Thank you! =]
Sean Lester
lol YOU haven't even posted any looks.

This is just an invitation to get abused by people who can afford to wear things that I cannot.

I've been down this road before :|
Mike Hulett
man uz be undrstndin the xyence of dem broz DAWGIE!!!!!
Lucy Vardøgr
lol heyyyy

I see you fav'd my roommates picture (the one of the girl jumping). We seriously just went to a thrift store and bought the ugliest shit we could find and then had a photoshoot to see if people on lookbook would go for it. For the lulz. That picture made the outfit look way better than it actually was for some reason. It was dreadful.
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