And the winner is...

The verdict is in! Feast your eyes on the most creative, inspiring – and spookiest – creations we’ve seen on LOOKBOOK this year (in honor of our annual Spookbook contest, hosted by Black Milk Clothing).

We’ve seen all manner of creativity and unconventional thinking at work here – from a killer mermaid to a reflection coming to life through the looking glass. Some, like Wiktoria’s and Kristina’s create idyllic-like dystopian mysteries while others recreate familiar fairy tale characters like Little Red Riding Hood, The Joker and Max from Where The Wild Things Are.

All in all, each of these creations are a work of art in themselves, and we’d like to share our top picks from Spookbook 2014 with you today!

First place

Mike Quyen's WHY SO SERIOUS? Melania Plasko's Poison Ivy

Second Place

Joanna's Halloween Honey B's Annabelle Monica S's Coming Alive Awkward Gazelle's "My boss likes me to wear a smile to work"

Runners Up

Wiktoria Gomulka's Golden Dreams Kristina Magdalina's Halloween! Brittney O'Shinski's Jaguar Cindy Claribel Kalim's Little Red Riding Hood Kongstancja B. Konstylencja's Death. Lindsay Immers's Pixie Dust Jane Dean's Happy Halloween María Moreno's Where the wild things are Vanessa's Killing you in my mind. Kat Kinota's So hooked