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What is Lookbook?

Lookbook is an online style community where members share their personal style and draw fashion inspiration from each other.

Take a look at our mission.

How does Lookbook work?

Community members post looks and tag what they are wearing. Other members vote - or hype - the looks they like.

Through hypes, community members determine which looks rise to the top of the Hot page, the public homepage of Lookbook.

What is a “look”?

A look is a photograph of your full outfit, and a list of items you’re wearing.

What is “hype”?

Hyping is the community’s way of voting for inspiring looks. When you hype a look, it is added to your Hypes in your profile. Hype determines what shows up on the front page, which is also called the Hot page.

What is “save”?

By clicking the Save button under each look, you can save a look into your own collections. Collections help you keep track of and organize looks you like.

What is “karma”?

When someone hypes your look, you receive one karma.

Where can I get a Lookbook badge for my blog?

You can get one here:

Posting Looks

How do I post a look?

Click the rectangle with the “+” inside on the right of the main navigation menu, or just click here!

Please read our community guidelines to avoid having your looks flagged by moderators.

I don’t have a photographer to help me take photos.

A lot of our community members shoot their own photos. Check out this article on How to Shoot Outfits by Yourself.

How can I take better photos?

Here are 5 Tips to Improve Your Photos.

How do I get more exposure?

We’ve outlined a list of best practices to help you build your audience here.

Rules & Moderation

What are the rules?

Lookbook’s rules are listed in our community guidelines.

I see a look that breaks the rules.

When you see a look that breaks the rules, click the Flag button next to the look. It will be reviewed by our site moderators.

I see a look that I don’t like.

Click the Hide button next to the look to hide the look or all looks from the same user. When you hide a look or user, they will no longer show up for you.

How can I become a moderator?

If you consistently flag looks and are interested in becoming a moderator, please contact us here.

My Account

Can I share my account with someone?

No, an account can only be occupied by one person.

How do I change my username?

You can edit your username and also your profile here:

How do I reset my password?

You can reset your password here:

How do I edit my email settings?

You can edit your settings here:

How can I delete my account?

You may deactivate your account here:

I have more questions!

Contact us here, and remember to include your Lookbook username.

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