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Llorenç M.
Thank U. I discovered your blog and realized that I wasn't the only man who loved legwear. Your example showed me the way. There are no boundaries for men dressing, wear whateveryou want. Fanned and devoted.
Aly S
Always <3
Zzuzzy ...
I'm proud for you. Charisma style!!!
Aly S
Well I hope so! Scientists think that it may be genetic, and my uncle has it and has been married for twenty years or something!
Taliena S
Hello back, and you're welcome!
I adore your style~
Aly S
haha thanks! :D

I love every one of your looks, they're all so original and innovative!
Alicia R.
don't stop, don't be discouraged!

it takes people a long while (as you know) to accept things that they're not used to and see the beauty or even worth in them, but eventually things will become more acceptable. i think music is the strongest example of this; stravinsky's "the rite of spring" caused chaos when it premiered as it sounded so discordant to people's ears at the time, but eventually became accepted as a piece of beauty.

i do believe that with time the strong reactions that hosiery for men creates will settle and it will become far more tolerated and eventually accepted as something as mainstream as a pair of socks! it may still be a long way off yet, but it's important for those that enjoy it to not be discouraged. :)
Renu R.
welcome back! :)
Renu R.
oh it's a shame you have to go to that training, i guess they don't like hosiery in army :d looking forward to see that shorts which you made :) all the best!
Renu R.
oh and i'm looking forward to your posts with all those new hosieries! :D
Renu R.
hehe, then you know the feeling :D
Renu R.
haha, yeah, it happens but i usually prevent it on time :)
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