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April 2015

Marcel Floruss is a 30 year old Dude from Brooklyn, United States. Visit his blog at www.onedapperstreet.com.

How did you first get into style blogging?

Honestly, when I first thought about blogging I had decided at the time that it was absolutely not for me. I was studying Fashion Merchandising Management at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York at the time. But a year later, Lisa came into my life and before I knew it, a few life changes began to happen and I started blogging on a daily basis and truly loving it!

What were some of the most invaluable life lessons you’ve gained during this journey?

The biggest challenge is always to not give up. No matter how talented you are, what you do or even who you are, the road is going to get bumpy at some point and that’s when you’re going to want to drop it all.

But then something happens – you suddenly get published in GQ or Details, or even the New York Times and you think “It might not be all over just yet…” As many lessons as there are to be learned, there are two that have stuck with me for the long run:

  1. Success isn’t about talent (at least not primarily) – it’s about persistence.
  2. You have to absolutely love what you do (the second helps the first one a lot).

Do you have any tips for those interested in pursuing a similar path?

  1. Be passionate.
  2. Know your photography.
  3. Think like a businessman/woman (it is a career after all).
  4. Socialize – online and offline
  5. Learn how to market yourself.

What tools would you say are essential to your career – or life in general?

In terms of blogging – Instagram (duh..), Dropbox, VSCO, touchREtouch and Snapseed.
In terms of life – Google Maps, Uber, Overcast (for efficient Podcast listening) and Wunderlist.

Where do you get most of your style inspiration?

Actually, I get mine mostly from the clothes themselves. I’m usually inspired for an entire look by a single piece that I want to wear, in addition to what I see while traveling or shopping. Subconsciously, I factor in everything I see on a daily basis – from other Instagram accounts to random people walking down the street. One of my favorites is Adam Gallagher – I was following him since before I even moved to New York and got into the whole fashion scene.


Living here in New York has also liberated me of virtually all inhibitions. No matter how crazy you think you are dressed, there’s always going to be someone crazier – I've gotten used to it. It’s allowed me to experiment a ton and maybe overstep the line every now and then – it’s a safe playground to learn how to nail looking different, without looking too crazy.

If I could describe my style in one word, it would be “versatile.” I named my blog One Dapper Street because I’ll wear something “dapper” one day and then be all “street” the very next day.

Are there any designers you are inspired by or admire?

It’s challenging to narrow it down since I have so many... Acne, Burberry, J.Lindeberg, LBM 1911 and COS to name a few – but I could go on for hours. If I had to pick one to collaborate with, I’d probably have to say Thom Browne.

It’s warming up major right now – what are some of your favorite things to do this time of year?

I love the being able to go out and bike again. Simply being outside and everything that comes with it – sports, BBQ’s and riding a motorcycle.

In terms of travel, I’m planning on going to Mexico and Jamaica for the first time this year. I hope to see Japan soon as well – I love the culture (and particularly the lifestyle and fashion scene there) and have even begun to study the language a little bit.

Last year around this time, I went to Peru and it was absolutely magical.

Besides your travel plans, anything exciting you have coming up?

Yes, tons of them to be honest. I’m hoping to partner with a few Italian brands to attend Pitti Uomo this year and am working on a longer-term partnership with Lord & Taylor (which has been amazing).

I’m also stoked about an editorial with Tommy Hilfiger that’s coming out in early June!

What’s on your iPod, bookshelf or movie list at the moment?

I still can’t get enough of Drake right now. I’m also currently listening to Tchaikovsky as I am typing so my tastes can vary quite a bit. Currently reading Why We Make Mistakes since I’m super interested in Psychology and all of that.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I love dancing, and I’m hoping to make some more time for that to be a part of my blog again. I danced professional for 2 years before attending college – anything from Hip Hop to Ballet. I was even in a musical.

What’s your life mantra?

Leave everything and everyone better than you found them.


Malou ♥
I love that life mantra!
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That life mantra IS on point, just like Marcel's style. Great interview!
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Which musical, I wonder?
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veryy nice read!
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Great points to take away!
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One of my favorite male fashion bloggers!
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This is amazing! one of best
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Really cool! :) Would be fun if you on Lookbook would like to interview me. Currently I have over 170,000 followers on the instagram. :) xxx

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