Beyond the hype // Lina Lundstedt

May 2008

You know yourself more if you can show many different sides of yourself.

Lina Lundstedt is a 19 year old student from Stockholm, Sweden.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your city.

My name is Lina Lundstedt. I've lived my whole life in Stockholm (Sweden) but I'm just about to move to the smaller city Göteborg to be with my boyfriend. I've always had an interest in unusual clothes. I started going out looking for vintage clothes when I was around 8 or 9 and I suppose I was known for looking (and unfortunately also acting) a bit different back in lower and middle school. My parents were very accepting of my experiments, for which I'm extremely grateful. I don't think there's a style that I haven't tried for at least a day. It's not until recently though that I've got any good attention for this. Children are not very open minded with deviants.

Compared to what I've seen in other cities, I'd say that Stockholmers are quite fashionable in general. The style is very toned down but beautiful. Lots of grey, black and white. What I like about Stockholm is that there are lots of really good and comparably cheap stores with both vintage and high fashion clothes. The nightlife in Stockholm is also much richer than in other Swedish cities--there are places for every type. It's also a really beautiful city, especially in the summers!

For these last 3 years I've been studying hard to finish the Swedish version of high school. My plans for the future are either to study art history or to create art myself in art school.

Describe your style and its influences.

I think my style is really every style. I try not to get stuck with one attitude or look. I don't think we can show who we are through our appearance, or if you can you must not be very interesting. I don't think it's about making up your mind about who you are, I'd rather say that you know yourself more if you can show many different sides of yourself.

I guess my greatest influences comes from movies. My family including myself are huge cineasts. My look Loglady is completely inspired by the Twin Peaks character with the same name. That movie in general is a huge source for my fashion inspiration. Also, the look Wasp Waist is inspired by Brigitte Bardot from various of movies she did in the 60's. Movie characters are often very simple and characteristic and therefore great influences. But to be honest, I find inspiration everywhere. One day I might dress like a strawberry cake, the next day it might be a piece of furniture that I like. It's fun to try everything at least once.

However, I tend to be very strict in the way I dress. I never really thought about that until I started to document my outfits for sites like LOOKBOOK. So if anything should be referred to as "my style," I suppose it would be the strict and proper look.

What is a personal fashion rule you never break?

I always have a "point" in what I wear. I'd never put on something just because it's laying around unless it worked as part of what I was wearing. For example, if I had decided to look dark and mysterious one day, I wouldn't put on a pink, furry cardigan unless I was really cold.

Favorite designers and places to shop?

To be completely honest, I hardly know any designers. I barely shop for clothes that aren't thrifted or vintage and I don't follow the fashion news. To mention anything at all though, I really like the stuff that Tata-Naka makes!

I'm very careful with what I buy and I don't give up my money easily. But if I had to name one thing that I probably have too many of, it would be dresses and skirts, because I live near a charity shop that sells all of their skirts and dresses for 1 euro each once a week--I've made myself quite a collection. My wardrobes are so overfilled with stuff that I can barely find stuff in them anymore and just have to go with what first falls out. I suppose that's my guilty pleasure, cheap clothes. I just can't resist a decent skirt that costs less than a chewing-gum.

When I go out shopping I usually go to places like Stadsmissionen, Myrorna, Humana or Emmaus. For more expensive, vintage clothes I usually go to Beyond Retro or any of the little vintage stores on either Bondegatan or Upplandsgatan in Stockholm.

What is your most cherished item?

I have a special bond to some of my dresses. It might be because a lot of them are inherited so they connect me with my family and friends. Dresses are also complete outfits which make them special to wear. You can basically wake up naked, put on a dress and look ready to go. With other clothes you have to create the look yourself. I guess you could compare it to food. Shirts, jeans and other one-part clothes are like ingredients for a good meal while the dress is a frozen TV-dinner.

Favorite color(s) of the moment:

I always like red accessories. They are vulgar and pretty at the same time which I really like. But at the moment I'd say that purple is my favourite. Purple has this mysterious feel to it that I like. It's pretty but dark, almost dreamy. I'm also a big fan of turquoise and bronze coloured jewellery.

Do you feel fashion repeats itself? What do you think is the latest trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

I don't know if fashion repeats itself, but there are some elements that seem to come back for every generation to get tired of. I don't think anyone has missed out on the big 80's hype and I'm looking forward for the 90's to come out on the commercial market soon. With the new interest in secondhand clothes I think a lot of people (including myself) choose to just pick a century and remake it for themselves. But it's always something new when fashion reappears. It doesn't have the same meaning as when it first showed up since we live in different times now. For example, the 50's waist is a repeat of the 1700th century waist but it's obviously something completely different, just like the fetich corset waist is a repeat of the 50's waist, but also completely different!

What do you use for fragrance / skincare?

I only use perfume if I get it as a present. I'd never buy it myself. At the moment I use a Chanel perfume that my aunt gave me but I don't mind smelling like sweat and dirt.

I don't do much for my skin either. I use a hint of foundation since I've heard that it's good protection for your skin (and it levels off my skin-tone too of course).

What is the most underrated item in menswear / womenswear?

Most menswear is underrated. I think the t-shirt and jeans combo has gone too far. There are lots of lovely shirts, trousers, vests, jackets and so on that you rarely see on men anymore.

In womenswear I think the long skirt is underrated. I'm tired of these 60's inspired dresses that are short enough to show off your whole behind if you bend over. Skirts can go down to your knees without looking less cute or sexy!

What's on your IPOD / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?

I have a lot of obscure minimal synth and italo disco in my ipod at the moment. It is really my boyfriends kind of music originally, but I've came to like it quite a bit. I also have some nice Dengue Fever and Justice that I got from my little sister.

I just finished Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad the other week and I'm not quite sure what to read next. My bookshelf in general is filled with comic books rather than actual books. I'm not reading any at the moment but my all time favourite artist is Charles Burns. His most famous work is probably Black Whole but Dog Boy, Big Baby and El Borbah are also great reading.

I've got the movie "Key Largo" in my computer at the moment. It's a lovely movie with Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart but I've got plenty of modern films as well in the collection! My favourite movie-countries at the moment are France, Germany and China. To mention a few films from these countries that I've enjoyed, I think I would start with Der Krieger Und Die Kaiserin from 2000. The director Tom Tykwer is great and has made other great movies that also are worth seeing. Since this site is mainly about style and fashion I suppose I can't leave out the films by Wong Kar Wai. My favourite film by him is Happy Together from 1997. I don't have a specific French film to recommend, but you can basically say that all French mainstream films are more elegant than American films and the dramas are beyond what any other countries can produce.

What is your personal favorite outfit on LOOKBOOK by you, and by another member?

I guess my own favourite outfit would have to be 50's (pictured right) since it's the only outfit where I'm really dressed up. I love the mustard coloured flowers on the dress and how nice we managed to get my hair. (It's not easily tamed!)

My favourite outfit by an other user would have to be red yellow day by Tania M. Most outfits here are quite dark and serious and this outfit just seems happy in a honest and lovely way. The colours are spectacular and it's cute all over.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

I think the best advice is to not take advice. The people that look the best are the ones that accept their flaws and maybe even embrace them. If you are 190 cm tall, wear high heels, if you weight 140 kg, wear short summer dresses with lots of pattern. If you feel good in it, others will notice and agree with you.


Robin Graven-Milne
i didn't know it was possible, but i think i love you even more now. haha :P
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Andy Null
i love wongkarwai. i have not seen happy together yet, but chungking express is one of my favs, and 2046 is a pure masterpiece.
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omg Lina i'm so touched by ur comment about red yellow day :_D

based on what i read from the interview, i'd say that you are such an adorable girl with amazing point of view!

"The people that look the best are the ones that accept their flaws and maybe even embrace them".. couldn't agree more :)
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Chairuna Noor
i love lina :D
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Marla Singer
The people that look the best are the ones that accept their flaws and maybe even embrace them. - i love this.
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very dope interview enjoyed reading this
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Sasha Manuel
I love the photographs so far. I enjoy seeing the eclectic styling. Very refreshing. Well done! :-)
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Caroline Dengel
my favoriteee
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Qi Qi
thanks for interviewing Lina, i have been looking forward to this!
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A Green
i love your style, you are very influential.
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Mims Ter
u are awesome : )
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Dalia Jankunaite
i love your answers ans style!

i agree about the dresses!
but i REALLY love to wear skirts in winter :)

the really sad thing id=s that i have to tone down my style since i dont live in the most fashion forward neighborhood and tend to get a lot of stares haha, and i got the weird personality too

i love what you said about art history! thats what i want to study too
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Carlos Rossi
reply ·
Emilié. B
I love you...

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Ally P.
You have definitely become my FAVOURITE person on Lookbook!! There are very very few of your looks that I haven't hyped!
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I love red accessories too and I particularly love the way she's described them as vulgar and pretty at the same time. Such a perfect description
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