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I am inspired every day when I witness a confident person walk by, with their head held high, owning what they're wearing.

Adam Gallagher is a 18 year old free spirit from Riverside, CA.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

My name is Adam Michael Gallagher. I'm 18 years young, a libra obsessed with fashion & styling and living in Riverside, California. I went to school last year at my community college and it just wasn't fit for me. So now I'm currently involved in a fashion internship in Los Angeles hoping it'll take me further into the industry! I want to be the next Rachel Zoe okay!

What are your passions?

Growing up, I was exposed to many fields of art so I have a variety of passions. First and foremost, I love fashion and clothes. I also enjoy photography, modeling, singing, dancing, musical theatre, playing the piano, and sign language interpretation! (Oh and can eating food be a passion?)

How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important to you?

It's a pretty funny story actually. When I was younger I was such a little brat. If my outfit didn't match or appeal to me in the way I wanted it to with my hair and shoes, I refused to leave the house. I think I even got grounded a few times because I didn't have anything to wear. Apparently, that's not acceptable for an 8 year old. So ever since then, I think fashion has come naturally. Throughout high school everyone knew me as the "fashion-y" kid and I got made fun of a lot, but I kept marching to the beat of my own drum. You have to stay true to yourself. "Those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."

What's the fashion scene like in your area?

On my end of California (Southern, below Los Angeles) we have a style called "bro" that is a cross between a skater and heavy metal dude for the men (very popular) and for the girls, they just dress in tight low jeans, tight high shirts that expose their stomachs. Frankly, I find it ridiculous…but on the flip side, we have the beach look which is fun and laid-back. That's why I'm hoping I'll move to Los Angeles because the style there is so diverse and eclectic.

Your top 3 places to visit in the US:

New York—there's no other place like it. You step onto the streets of Broadway and Times Square and you get this feeling that is so exhilarating.
Los Angeles—eclectic, professional, fun, and you may see some celebrities. ;)
San Fransisco—Even though I have yet to visit San Fran I heard it's the place to be. Very indie and hippie-ish. PEACE!

Describe your personal style and its influences / inspiration.

I don't really have a set style per say, I just wear what I want, when I want. I have my moods. This summer I somehow managed to balance nautical, with rock, & with hipster. I don't know! I guess I'm all over the place, but it's fun to dabble in different styles. Why not? you live once. As for inspirations, there isn't one particular person or persons that make me want to jump up and down. I am inspired every day when I witness a confident person walk by, with their head held high, owning what they're wearing. It's people who can be comfortable in their own skin who inspire me to be unique, original and comfortable in mine.

Favorite designers and places to shop?

My favorite popular designers would have to be Chloé, Chanel, & Mcqueen. Of course, I'm a starving artist (tiny exaggeration) so I lean towards places like Urban Outfitters, H&M, AllSaints, Topman, thrift shops, etc.

The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:

Usually their accessories. Sure anyone can put on a nice shirt & some pants but it's that Rolex watch or pair of sunglasses that give your whole look an attitude and confidence. Same with women—I love to see bags, jewelry accents and coffee cups ;)

What do you skimp on?

I'd have to say shoes. It's sad I know! Because I wish i could have all those amazing suede oxfords, and Sperry's and sandals but nope! I'm not spending that much for clogs. Sorry elves.

What do you splurge on?

Definitely bags. I've said many times that if I was a god, I would be Hermes because I could have countless messenger bags.

A fashion rule you always break:

All the rules are out the window!

A fashion rule you never break:

Well, like I said, I don't really believe in rules, but if you're gonna wear stripes, don't mix vertical and horizontal together. That's a hot geometric mess.

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

Jean shorts = for the win. Such an amazing summer piece that every girl needs in her closet. High waisted is a plus! Stud them! Work them! They're amazing.

What is the most underrated item in menswear and womenswear?

Hats for men! What ever happened to the good old days in the 20's where every husband had a pole full of fedoras hanging? As for women, I'd say promise rings.

What is your next "must have" purchase?

I have to get new pants. Pronto. Considering I got bored one day this summer and cut all my pants into shorts, I think I need to gear up for winter season! I'm really craving a good pair of light wash tight jeans, as well as business trousers, khaki, navy etc.

Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?

Like i said before, I really get inspired by people who know who they are and don't let any one else bring them down. I love the feeling I get when I witness a woman, walking in her boyfriend jeans, baggy button up, coffee and bag hopping on the bus! So care free and beautiful! That's what fashion is to me. Creative self expression. As for celebrities there are a few legends i admire, such as Andy Warhol. Classic color blocking, patterns and glasses. What a character! So comfortable. Also, the king of pop himself, Michael Jackson, I've never heard of anyone else who threw on a glittery sequin military jacket just for a press release!

What's on your iPod / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?

Currently my iPod is flooding with Robyn's new Body talk albums. As well as La Roux, The Rocket Summer, Phoenix, and Katy Perry! My bookshelf presently contains all Harry Potter editions, Twilight, Series of Unfortunate events, The City of Ember, and a huge stack of magazines. :)

What can't you live without?

Emotionally? My mom. She's my rock. I love her. Materialistically? My iPhone, my chapstick, and my clothes.

Next place you want to travel to:

I would love to visit Europe. Shop! Sightsee! Galleries! Museums! I'm getting antsy just thinking about how much fun it would be. Gotta save up my money!

What is your personal favorite outfit on LOOKBOOK by you, and by another member?

my personal favorite look is Coffee & Novels and my favorite look by another, would have to be by the AMAZING Stefany Alves entitled THE NEXT TIME AROUND!. Stefany is such a genius. She's perfects the whole "messy pretty" vibe. I'm pretty sure she invented it. Those shorts with that see-through top and glasses just say "Yeah…so what?" AND I LOVE IT!

In the year 2015 you will be:

Wow, just hearing that year made me cringe! I hate getting older. I would hope that I'm in a stable position working for a fashion styling company or even on my way towards owning my own styling business and dressing some well known names in the industry! fingers crossed! Oh, and I want to be in my own apartment with a cat…yup.

What would you say to someone seeking general fashion advice?

Be yourself. Nobody is better qualified.

Tahti S. wants to know: Do you have vivid dreams? If so, what was your latest?

I'm so happy I got this question. I read her interview and was intrigued by this. As a matter of fact, I do! I dream quite often about real life things in unrealistic situations, like a movie! There's always my random people and I, and we have to beat obstacles, and there are dragons, fire and powers! The bad guy is always one of my best friends it's so funny! So yeah I think they get pretty vivid.

What should we ask the next interviewee?

If your life had a soundtrack, what would be this past summer's song and why?


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Jack Diva
In love with ur style ;)
reply ·
Jacques Ong
God you're so hot. Hotter than Robert Pattinson. Wish they found you to audition that role. That would be uber-hotness. I agree with the hats part. What happened to the hats! Haha.
I really like the way you dress - sophisticated. I hope that the man am going out with dresses like you. :)
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Hermela K
your so genuine.. its refreshing!
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Michaela Sinclair
It's awesome, these are the kind of people i want to see in California : )
reply ·
Sameera Hinton
ur very sexy i must say and interesting ... i always have some type of coffee in my hand :)
reply ·
Vanessa Pitzer
ooooo is that a twilight book i see there sir
reply ·
Mark Campos
wow! you really are my inspiration ;)
reply ·
Anne Roel
That general fashion advice you just gave is probably the best one, I've ever heard!
reply ·
Jelly Nguyen
you such a handsome guy with stunning style (:
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Yeremia Oktavianus
STUCK! 5555
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CM Fabian
You have such an impeccable sense of style and I just adore it! :)
reply ·
Mandy Lana
sense of style u got and that sense of humor mi'adore
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Rimma Dolinskaja
when i read the interv. i just thought : Gosh finally someone who thinks the same!! You are totally right about the hats for men, that makes you look like a whole other man..
but thank you for being so creative and inspiring <3

Love Rimma from Holland
P.S if you wanna see Europe Holland is a creat way to start ;)
reply ·
Oh my god. You are so perfect!
Thanks for being so inspiring :)

Love from Montreal!
reply ·
Alea Loupe
"those who mind don't matter and those matter don't mind"
that's from Dr. Suess isn't it?
I just moved from Riverside a couple years ago, and San Francisco really is an amazing city. :)
reply ·
Rodrigo Reyes
Great interview!! You look like a really cool guy!! Hope to get to meet you sometime in my life! haha Follow me on Twitter? haha @RodrigoROficial
reply ·
James Sanchez
Nice interview. I also want to be like Rachel Zoe. She's Great! :) Be Safe dude! :)
reply ·
Edwin M
Omg!! I loved your style! Lol Im so planning on getting my own style.. no more... "put this on because people like it"
reply ·
Shelly Stuckman
I have been a fashion fan of Adam's for a little while now, but I had never seen this interview until now. It's fun reading an old one :) Love it
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Daro K.
cool ! I like it !
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