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JULY 2011

I like listening to good songs like The Smiths, M83 or Muse to get inspiration when i'm drawing, it opens my mind.

Vini Uehara is a 21 year old fashion student, designer, and photographer from São Paulo, Brazil.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

My name is Vinicius Uehara, but you can call me Vini. I’m from São Paulo, Brazil. I’m a 21 year old fashion student, fashion designer and photographer. I have an older sister called Aimê. She’s always very angry, but she can also be a delicate flower sometimes. Last year I used to live by myself in an apartment, but now I live with my mom and my dog. My routine is quite agitated and a little messy sometimes. In 2009, I took part in a Brazilian fashion reality show, where I met my best friends. They’re my workmates until now. I’m not a party boy or something; I prefer to stay home, make my own clothes, listen to good music or watch a great movie. I have two blogs: Le Jeans with my friends, and my own website, ViniUehara.

How did you first get interested in fashion and why is it important?

Fashion has been part of my life since I was a little child, but only became something professional when I got in college.

When I was 6, my dad used to work in theaters as an actor and musician, so I was always around wonderful costumes. I loved to touch the clothes, see how they were made and feel the magic of them all.

Sometimes I like to take away some clothes of my closet, the ones I don’t like very much. I started customizing clothes all by myself, so I can wear the clothes made by me, with my own style. When I was in high school I realized that the fashion world would be wonderful for me, because fashion is related with art, and art makes me breathe.

When I was little I started to pay attention on the streets, the way that people used to dress, walk, talk and look to the clothes of someone else. That's a rich source of inspiration, because it's real and so current! I like listening to good songs like The Smiths, M83 or Muse to get inspiration when i'm drawing, it opens my mind.

What are your passions?

I’d say drawing, photography, cinema, music and sewing.

How do you describe the fashion scene in São Paulo compared to other major cities/fashion capitals?

São Paulo is a city of workaholics. They are very hard-working and sometimes it seems they don’t have that courage to dress how they really want to, but we can also find young people trying to change that and express themselves.

What do you love about living in the São Paulo?

The city never sleeps, no matter what.

Top 3 places to visit in Brazil:

Rio de Janeiro – such a beautiful place with great weather, receptive people and nice parties.

São Paulo – cool nightclubs and bars.

Florianópolis – I’ve never been there but I heard it is a very beautiful place.

Describe your personal style and its influences/inspiration.

It’s pretty hard for me to describe myself because I don’t have a specific style. I just wear what I want at the moment. If my mood is OK my look is OK too. I like to mix colors and prints, like I’m panting or drawing. I don’t care that much about trends. When I get to wearing something, it’s very natural, actually.

Favorite designers and places to shop?

I don’t have a favorite designer and I love the secondhand shops.

The first thing you look at in another person's outfit is:

If they feel comfortable. I think it’s awful when I see a girl wearing an expensive shoe, but she can’t even walk. Not classy at all.

What do you skimp on?

Bags! I have one that I wear very often.

What do you splurge on?

I got crushes on different kinds of jackets! Different colors, shapes, sizes, details…

A fashion rule you always break:

Each day I choose a new one to break.

A fashion rule you never break:

Be creative.

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

The 70’s style. Currently, I can see in pants, patterns, colors, accessories, long skirts and much more.

What is the most underrated item in menswear and womenswear?

Gloves, I guess. For both. I love and I have a few. I think it’s classy and sophisticated but no one has courage to use it. Some people think that it’s too gay for guys, but I don’t think so!

Your favorite colour(s) of the moment are:

Red! I bought lots of red tissues and I’m making different pieces of clothes. I didn't use to wear anything in that color, and I don’t know why, but it seemed not matching with anything, but now I found many ways to use it.

What is your creative process when making clothes?

When I'm making something for myself, I just think what looks better with my style. I like plaid, different shapes, colors and much more. When I'm making something for someone else, I try to follow the drawing that I made.

What is your next "must have" purchase?

Overalls. I don’t know why, but I love them.

Are there any fashion icons or famous people whose style you admire?

I don't have a specific icon. Actually what really inspires me are the songs that I’ve been listening to and the moments that I’ve been living with the one I love. I just use famous icons to get a vision of the trends.

What's on your iPod / bookshelf / DVD player at the moment?

Let me see…on my iPod: Naked and Famous! The Wombats (I’m in love with the new album), Camera Obscura, The Big Pink, The XX, Dan Black, Robyn, Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros and The Smiths (all the time!).

On my bookshelf: Brazilian literature, Agatha Christie and fashion magazines.

And on my DVD player: the most beautiful movies I’ve ever seen (after my favorite one, Not One Less), Into the Wild with Emile Hirsch, directed by Sean Penn. The soundtrack makes me cry.

What can't you live without?

I can’t live without music, my friends, my sewing machine and my camera.

What is your personal favorite outfit on LOOKBOOK by you, and by another member?

I think it’s this one because I love The Smiths and that’s my favorite t-shirt. I use it for everything. I love all outfits by Laura Allard-Fleischl, and my favorite one is this one. She’s so sweet and delicate.

Next place you want to travel to (and why):

I always wanted to visit my uncle in Paris since I was 7, but I can’t until I graduate. And I really wanna go to Japan because my family grew up there.

In the year 2016 you will be:

I’ll be married with someone that I really love (yes, I believe in young marriage), and I’ll have my own store.

Any tips for young fashion students?

Don't be enchanted with the glamorous life of the fashion world!

Any tips on how to take a great photo?

Always follow the light! That is the first trick!

What would you say to someone seeking fashion advice?

It’ll probably seem cliché but I’d say something just like that: “Believe in yourself”.

Bebe Zeva wants to know: If your entire identity could be represented by an inanimate object, which would you choose?


What should we ask the next interviewee?

If you were painting a picture that would represent your life, wich colors, shapes, textures and figures you would use?


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Beatriz F.
amazing interview! love love
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Angelica A.
He's soo hansome!!
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Karolina Stojceska
Amazing style,for sure, and I like it that you listen to my favorites(Muse in particular), and that you sew your own clothes. Most guys will consider it a gay thing, but I think it's a way of expressing your creativity, I consider it art. keep up the good work! :) <3
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Molly Gamba
He looks like a maniac...charming maniac ;)
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Alejandro Villegas
amazing!!! but i can not avoid hating that animal print boots...
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Dada Magtulis
Omg, I'm inlove, I'm inlove, I'm inlove with you Vini!
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Brey Malones
not for the fact that Vini is handsome , but he heas a cool, superb, awesome look and personality.!
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Emma S
I love your answer at the 'fashion rule I never brake' question. Be creative.
You are outstanding!
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Tibby Tsomo
i just love who eva u r n will lov to see u in ma real life.....
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Nailara Costa
que bom que tem pessoas como você que representam tão bem o nosso Brasil :)
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Yowar Cardozo
You are so beautiful
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James Mationg
Well said Vini! I love your looks! <3
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Lin Davison
everybody love Vini <33
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Ryan Sesaldo Roma Solijon
love love love Vini Uehara
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Amberly Brown
I fall more in love with him, with every new look he comes out with. #inlovewithvini
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Jessica Escalaw
Oh my! Now I know you better. Vini <3
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CuongCop P
nice! tôi yêu phong cách của bạn :>
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Э. Ариунзаяа
♥ coool
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史 小可
handsome and sunny
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Cecylia Costania
he's so cute :(
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Xyrenne Khaice Eustaquio
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Damla Serdal
you're my role model because you believe yourself have a group you create your own style, the designer this is great
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Loislane Evangelista
Woah! I think it's hard to be your girl friend lols I need to dress gorgeous ly like you like ❤ aww you're so handsome asf! I'm so captivated by him huhu I love you! you're so perfect!
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