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Alvis Lau
haha, thanks
Sarah S
Hahahaha, don't worry, I won't wear a dress like that :P I'll wear something less trashy. I bought pink coon striped extensions today!! :)
Sarah S
LOL, no...Scene Queens do not look like live versions of Barbie dolls.

This is what a Scene Queen looks like:

vanna venom Pictures, Images and Photos

Yeah yeah, trashy...I know. But it's Halloween, I can be whatever I want :P
Sarah S
Can't wait to see how your costume turns out. You should post it on Lookbook! Haha, do you even know what a scene queen is exactly? :P
Sarah S
What a wonderfully original outfit...MJ's ghost! And how exactly are you going to make the ghost effect?

I don't know what I'm dressing up for Halloween, but maybe a Scene Queen to make fun of all those scene kids. I was planning to dress up as Lady Gaga, but then again, I don't know where to get a really good blonde wig. And plus I don't have enough time to make a disco stick.
Sarah S
Yeah, well Accounting isn't all about math, you know? My teacher told me that you don't even need to be good at math, you just need to know all the principles and stuff of accounting.

So do you celebrate Halloween in any way? And what are you dressing up as?
Sarah S
I'm basically getting poor marks right now in Math. I did a re-test the other day and felt that I didn't do any better...(maybe a little bit? IDK) and it's because he made the re-test retardedly harder when he promised that he wouldn't. And it's not just me that hates Math, it's everyone else too - we're all getting 60s because of him. UGH.
Sarah S
Ehh...same here. Except that I'm sick right now. And I officially hate my AP Math teacher.
Sarah S
Chyeah :)
So anything new happening?
Karen Lux
hahaha OK
Gggg Ttttt
thx (k)(k)
Julia Strauß
thank you!!! :)
Sarah S
Hahaha, of course ;D

Whoah...IT? Are you gifted or something?'m impressed. Ha, I'm still in high school but I'm planning to go into Accounting.'re gonna make big money some day.
Juwita Agatari
actually my nike shoes on my pic kill the pixel are sneackers for boys..;D
Juwita Agatari
i'm ur fan too
gimme any comments or critics..
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