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  • Skirts and Kilts for Men

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    So why don't men wear skirts? My answers are simple, because there are not many options out there that fit men. Most guys don't know how to make a skirt work in a masculine or neutral way. Guys are told they can't. Skirts can and should be part of a man's wardrobe options. This isn't cross dressing, this isn't trying to dress like a woman. Skirts should be all about adding an item to your collection that reflects who you and does not have to defy gender ideas at all. On the contrary, my goal is to have skirts be just another fashion item for whoever wants to wear one. In reality wearing a kilt or skirt, even in fashionable parts of Tokyo, gets a lot of attention. A lot of that attention is confusion, dislike or just stares. But a lot of the reaction is also very positive. Especially from fashionable women (thank you for that ladies) who seem to both approve and take an interest. So I am a straight, married guy with my own fashion sense and these are my skirts, kilts and skirt pants that I think work for me as a guy. I have always been alternative, goth or part of some subculture, so maybe my ideas about fashion are not mainstream. That said, I think skirts can and should move into the the mainstream for men. To do that, we need more brave guys trying it, owning and making it work for them. So I am going to try and these are the photos of my attempts.
  • Retro Men's

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    The last thing I ever want to wear is the ordinary black, blue or grey salaryman suit. Tokyo is filled with them and it feels like being part of a scene from Orwell's 1984. But let's face facts, guys working in offices are stuck with a very limited range of clothing options. Most of those options are soul destroying or turn us into figures that could have been made in a sad and bleak Soviet era factory. So what is a guy to do? Well.... There is hope brothers and the best news is that most people won't immediately notice beyond thinking you suddenly look less like a cog in a machine and more like a man with purpose. About seven or eight years ago Japanese indie designers started exploring suit, jacket, pant and vest cuts from the 1880s through the 1940s. They reached back to those times when suits had more character and how a man put them together made him unique and fashionable. They took these ideas farther by also looking at work wear and adding some of that too. At the same time global designers like COMME des Garsons and Engineered Garments did the same. Shoemakers like Foot the Coacher and Trickers also did the same. All of which made it possible to revise old fashion into new work and street options. So this collection is all about my work clothing options. Suits cut to retro patterns, vests that have more character and style than the modern cut, shoes that look like they are from an old movie and hats. Never forget the hats. I hope you enjoy.

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