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Kristen Bousquet
you're style = love.
Amy Worthy
i'm becoming a fan of you! your looks are amazing.
Shoshi S
great looks :) i love your style
Ursla J
i love those brown glasses you have! :( sell them to me! haha
Jessica Searle
thank you lots for the comment and hype ^___^
Jessica Searle
oooh? customized boob tubes? tell me more! :D can't say i saw them! sounds lovely though. x
Jessica Searle
ah, i dunno! that sounds cool though :)

went to brizzle yesterday, to park street, and sobey's! it's MASSIVE! tbh i was getting rather tired running around and gasping at all the lovely stuff!!! i tried on a cute floaty skirt which looked nice, but was a bit too pricey for me, and was gonna buy a waistcoat for a fiver, but for some reason, didn't, and i REALLY regret it now! :( i bought a magazine afterwards and it was all like 'everyone's wearing waistcoats!' haha, how depressing!
found another cuuuute little place - dunno what it was called, but it was just off park street and it was all graffitied outside and then you go down these little dark stairs onto a tiny shop which was way cool :) also went to other places, but ended up buying a straw hat from primark and a gorrrgeous floral leotard from motel in the sale for £10 :D so i'm v happy!

ta for letting me know about sobey's! gonna be there a lot methinks!! xx
Jessica Searle
hey :)
yeah i know where park street is! it's lush, isn't it? just haven't come across sobey's yet! xx
Saturn Viseau
officially a fan :)
Oliver J.
thx cutie :)
Jessica Searle
Thanks so much for commenting my looks :)
Ayn Dear
o yes. im in
Camila Scarinci
thanks ♥
Linda R
thank you for being a fan :)
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