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Lacey R.

Lacey R.

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Nanda Zeni
their looks are perfect
Mark Campos
i like ur style. .so lovely looking <3
Claire Walker
Thank you!
Fellow cup of alright ;D
Bianca Venerayan
thank you so much!
i think neutrals might be a habit of mine, i rarely shy away from the traditional greys, browns and creams.
whenever i shop, i go directly to those colors!
Asia White
well i hope i don't disappoint!
Zoë Harvey
i will give you a heart tommrorow because unfortuantly i did not know anything about these hearts and i gave it to someone else. how poetic.
but thankyou so much, your appreaciation shows!
Zoë Harvey
ahhh jee wizz you flatter me too much :]
Jonna Kristiansson
lovely looks..
Zoë Harvey
hehe "dudette"
I have not heard that in a long while
and you're welcome.
Zoë Harvey
this is the non virgin that can't drive. I was looking randomly at look books, and I saw one of your comments on this kid ben's look book, and I don't think your pictures are boring at all. I love them quite frankly.
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